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Customer Confidence: 5 Simple Tips to Build up Trust in Your Website

By on Friday, June 15th, 2012 in Trust

Did you ever think about why new customers feel confident buying from you? When confidence is low more people will perceive shopping with your company as risky business. This especially holds true if your company is less known in the market. Here are five simple tips you can use to increase customer confidence and subsequently, the chances that they will end up buying from you.

Risk versus value! In a nutshell, that’s the key consideration online shoppers make before they click “Confirm order”. If a customer feels it’s too risky doing business with you, s/he will never complete the checkout. In fact, around 60% of all online shoppers abandon the checkout process – that’s a lot of wasted business, but you can improve by promoting reviews from customers, for example.

Reasons why companies lack customer confidence

There can be many reasons why your customers decide not give you their hard earned money – one of the most common reasons is a simple lack of confidence. You don’t want to risk losing business just because you are giving the wrong impression, so eliminate risk and make customers feel confident when buying from you, using these simple tips:

1. Look good, look fresh. Design matters

First impressions last. That’s why the first 10 seconds a visitor spends on your website is critical. Obviously, if you fail to communicate your value proposition or if your web design is bad, your visitors will lose confidence in your business even before thinking about adding items to the basket.

New visitors are skeptical from the very moment they enter your website. You need to win their trust; a professional looking and user-friendly website is the key element here.

2. Show real names with real faces

Heavily used Customer Service stockphotoDo you remember the girl to the right? According to legend, her name is Karina and she’s a college student from Aarhus – the very same city in which Trustpilot once started. The smiling picture of Karina is among the most used stock photos ever and has become an icon in customer service.

But your customers have seen this face before and they know with 100% certainty that the person they’ll get in touch with when contacting your customer service is not Karina. Some may even think: Is this company hiding something?

Instead of using run of the mill stock photos, consider including staff pictures. It’s also a good idea to add real names to boost confidence. And while you’re at it, make sure it’s easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Customers don’t buy from companies – they buy from people working at companies.

3. Show that purchasing is safe

Making your customers feel confident is a matter of focusing on the details. Although online commerce is on the rise, some customers will still see an online transaction as very risky. On the other end, your more experienced online shoppers know exactly what to look for. If you miss out on transmitting data in a secure way through SSL, or customers feel uncomfortable about the way you handle their data, it can have a negative impact on your conversions. So, if you worked on making shopping safe – show it.

4. Delivery, Fees and Refund Policies matter, so don’t hide it.

Example of creating customer confidenceOnce your customers have added items in their baskets, they don’t want to get unpleasant surprises. According to eConsultancy, the two most important reasons why customers abandon during checkout are high delivery rates and hidden charges.

You may as well take the lead and be clear about this information. Be clear about your refund policy, your delivery rates and don’t hide fees. You’re sure to instill confidence in your first-time customers. This is exactly what award-winning Danish e-tailer Unisport does. The image to the right shows how they help customers feel safe by addressing the most import information directly on the front page of their website.

5. Displaying customer reviews builds social proof

Imagine you were the first person in the world to jump from a plane using a parachute. Now that would be extremely risky and only fools and daredevils would even think about doing it. You would estimate the risk as huge because no one ever tried it before and it has no social proof.

On a smaller scale, the same type of risk calculation occurs, when customers choose to purchase from a website that they’ve never heard about before. Without social proof, most customers will see the worst-case scenario. That’s why displaying unedited consumer reviews can help them feel safer and more confident when clicking the “Confirm order” button.

What are you doing to make your website more trusted? Please share your experiences.

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  1. Thanks a lot for all of these advises. However it remains a big deal to find the best compromise between 1) not too charge our customers on delivery rates, and 2) remains a profitable company, since these delivery fees keep increasing. We are figuring out on showing our own faces on our website. Good ideas ! thank you for these very rich post that light us a lot (:)) . Catherine Millumine manager.

  2. sylvain says:

    Very interesting, totally agree with the false pictures of the staff !

  3. Thanx for the advice. Some of the points are real helpfull some i have my doubts.
    I should not try to distract customers during the checkout proces.

  4. Toni Nielsen says:

    Vi har altid været opmærksom på at vores kunders tillid
    til Aloevera Danmark det er afgørende for vores forretning,
    og derfor er vores samarbejders partner nogle af de største på market. Aloevera Danmark er også godkendt
    af DATATILSYNET og NETS/pbs.
    Vi har også haft (næsten ) den samme web shop siden
    2006 det skaber også tillid.
    Aloevera Danmark

  5. Carsten Holm says:

    Tak for de gode indput.
    Vores design er også af ældre dato, og vi føler vores kunder er trygge ved det, derfor bliver det ikke ændret så ofte.

  6. OptiBac says:

    Nice tips thank you. I think reviews are the most important – we wrote a blogpost all about them here, how important they are, and how much we love TrustPilot!

  7. Agreed, with an emphasis on the last point: reviews are becoming more and more important, even for the authority of your website in Google, a good way to build your presence there and be deemed more trustworthy.

  8. weight loss says:

    If you wish for to take much from this post then you have to
    apply such strategies to your won blog.

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