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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

We launched our platform in 2007 and now provide over 80,000 e-commerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than seven million consumer reviews. We continue to learn from and work with industry trade bodies, including the Consumer Ombudsman, FDIH, The Danish Chambers of Commerce and the Danish Consumer Council, to ensure that we are maintaining […]

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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

Vi startede vores platform i 2007 og giver idag TrustScores til mere end 80.000 e-handelsvirksomheder baseret på mere end syv millioner kundeanmeldelser. Vi lærer hele tiden, og vi samarbejder med brancheinstanser, såsom Forbrugerombudsmanden, FDIH, Dansk Erhverv og Forbrugerrådet for at sikre de bedst mulige standarder. Markedet for kundeanmeldelser vokser og ændrer sig hurtigt, og vi […]

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You thought bad reviews were the worst thing that could happen to your company, but wait until you read some of these downright unhelpful reviews! Some customer reviews are special. You know the ones we mean: they’re unhelpful, sometimes sarcastic and often unintentionally hilarious. This is what happens when ridiculous reviews happen to good products. Enjoy! […]


Companies naturally shirk away from bad online reviews – but bad reviews could be their greatest ally . . . Turn Negatives Into Positives Bad online reviews are seen as nothing more than a curse by many retailers – something to be swept under the carpet at the first possible opportunity. But the digital world […]


With so many companies craving customer loyalty, how do you make your business’s voice heard in an overcrowded digital world? Your Customer Retention Strategies Are Everything . . . According to the Harvard Business School increasing your customer retention by 5% will see your profits increasing by 25% to 95% How To Do It . . […]


Customer reviews help foster trust and brand affinity with customers, but they also have a strong role to play in engaging your employees. Customer reviews provide an invaluable trust signal to potential customers. By leveraging a user reviews solution, you’re telling the world that you care what customers think, that you welcome their feedback, and that […]

The Value of the Trust Economy

It’s no surprise that online reviews are having a significant impact on customer service, and ultimately the bottom line for businesses. The British Retail Consortium (BRC)  said December 2013 was a record-breaking month for online shopping, with close to one in five of all non-food purchases made online. The report also found a 19.2 per […]


Five ways that you can use social proof to boost the bottom line. Consumers are becoming more informed all the time, and with the power of the Internet at their fingertips, they can find out a huge amount of information about a business or product with just the click of a button. It’s no longer enough […]


Online reviews offer a unique way to improve your customer service, being that they are a learning opportunity for your business, not just a PR extension. What springs to mind when you hear the words ‘online review’? An opportunity to learn from what your customers really think? Or a PR nightmare, where all negative views must […]


Keep hold of your current customers with a strong customer retention strategy. According to Zendesk, (34%) of people believe that exceptional customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. By taking steps to keep hold of your customers, you’ll see growth in both your reputation and bottom line. Statistics show that: 80% of a business’ […]