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What do you ask yourself when booking a holiday? A long list of questions about your safety, the cost, and the experience, I bet. Still, believe it or not, there a few people who throw caution to the wind and book whatever seems good. The phrase ‘too good to be true’ normally holds true when they discover […]


‘Holidays to Istanbul’: three words generating approximately 60 million results. Many results are blogs, but a large slice are travel companies offering trips. How can a choice be made? Well, it’s actually simple. What I’m looking for is word-of-mouth affirmation. I look to reviews of customers for that validity. A few minutes later, I’m all […]

Calling all travel industry businesses

Discover the effect and importance of customer feedback on your business. It’s imperative that you do not ignore the importance of customer feedback! More than 75% of UK consumers check out online reviews before making a purchase. And according to the British Travel Awards Travelvision report… More than 33% of travellers say recommendations from review sites and […]


We’ve said it time and time again, but trust matters. Travel is one industry where this is particularly true. Trips don’t come with a preview – you just pay and go. And that’s why customer reviews are so powerful, to potential customers and to travel businesses. See how travelling with or without trust could affect […]


Today is the customer age. The more you know, the more you succeed. Marketing is the lifeblood of this success. So while your team collects reviews, reads them, and responds to them, did you know there’s even more value than that when it comes to marketing your reviews? Because there is. Your business is what […]

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Reviews have always been important. Whether they’re in print, on television, or straight from the mouth of a friend, opinions shape how we shop. But today, the greatest impact on shopping decisions comes from online word-of-mouth – that’s right, those online reviews from people we often hardly know or see. The fact is that: 77% […]


So you’ve registered your company profile on Trustpilot and are eager to collect reviews. But where do you go next? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back with our new ‘Getting started with Trustpilot’ guide. In just four short articles, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using Trustpilot, from customising your […]


  Mazuma Mobile is one of the biggest Trustpilot customers, collecting thousands of reviews in just two years of using our platform. Congratulations, Mazuma! It’s fair to say that Mazuma has reached this milestone because of you – the customers. So to celebrate together, Trustpilot and Mazuma are teaming up for a new exciting competition, […]


Exploration and evolution are important to us at Trustpilot – we keep developing our tools to see you develop your business. However, exploration is not limited to businesses. Your customers, quite rightly, are explorers too. The online jungle is a big one and they need online trust and reassurance to navigate it. 70% of consumers […]


Remember we showed you last month how Trustpilot just keeps growing? Well today we’ve got more exciting news: Trustpilot is now a Google-approved partner for product ratings on Product Listing Ads. With this, product reviews will help differentiate products across and, drive more qualified traffic to merchant advertising, and provide vital information to […]


The lights dim. The drivers shift nervously. Teammates twitch tentatively. The race is long and only a few will be victorious. Some will retire, some will crash. The engines roar. The race begins. The prize? Online success. And what determines the winner? Online reviews. Alright, so business is not exactly a race – we don’t […]


“So shall we all break a world record when we meet over New Year?” That’s probably not the holiday plan you had with your family. But for two Trustpilot team members, Sarah Button and her father Mike, the Christmas and New Year break was one to make waves. The record? The most members of one […]

Orion's excellent five-star snapshot

There’s a negative review on your page. It’s not an awful one, and you know you’ve got a reply to it, but it still eats you up a little. You know the feeling, right? Criticism hurts. However, let’s all bravely assume one thing together: You will get some form of negative feedback. But should this […]

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With so many successful ‘break the internet’ attempts, you’d be forgiven for assuming the internet is as hardy as a china shop in an earthquake. While it’s not breaking the net – if you broke the net, you’d never see online news – this shorthand term for hijacking the internet with one quirky story is […]


The biggest specialist travel and technology show in Europe, you say? Well of course Trustpilot was there! Over 100 specialist suppliers and 4,500 industry professionals came together for Travel Technology Europe 2015, at London’s Olympia, to find the best ways to help travel businesses cruise to success. Reviews are a huge part of this success. Did […]


Billions of opinions are now shared and read online, with that number increasing every day. It’s a global trend we foresaw in 2007 when Trustpilot first began. But we couldn’t have predicted the speed of growth.  For some context, Trustpilot entered the market when the first iPhone was released, and Twitter and Facebook were only […]


The Trustpilot phenomenon in numbers. With over 400,000 new reviews and 335,000 new registered users each month Trustpilot has grown from a one man company into a global business with customers in 65 different countries. Trustpilot helps build trust between consumers and businesses; here are the numbers behind the phenomenon so far:


Whether you call it ‘private label’, ‘white label’, ‘own brand’ or ‘store brand’, there’s a vast and exciting online market waiting to be tapped. High Street brands have been able to get by on little more than their reputation for years. But private labels are gaining – fast. The economic downturn – coupled with some very […]


Collecting product reviews using the new Trustpilot Magento plugin is an essential step to creating the trust modern shoppers demand. If your business uses Trustpilot, then you’re probably already aware of the benefits seller reviews bring in terms of creating trust for their brand. However, customers research brands and products as part of their pre-purchase process. […]

Part of launching a disruptive product is proving you do things differently to competitors in your industry. We founded iwoca in 2012 because we realised that small businesses were not being served well by existing financial providers – it doesn’t take more than a quick google search to find customers with serious gripes about the […]

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When I was 10-years-old, there was a girl I was swept away by. She had me head-over-heels in childish puppy love. Valentine’s Day was approaching and I’d bought gifts and prepared kind words (I was a soppy kid). But on the day, she rejected me. The reason? There was no chemistry. She barely knew me. […]


When was the last time you used the popular online auction site eBay? Integral to the site experience is a feedback score that appears in parentheses after every buyer’s name. It details how many successful transactions they’ve completed, and let’s you build a picture of what their service is like (and consequently whether you should […]


The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean an end to the sales momentum. According to statistics from Internet Retailer, last year’s holiday season saw online spending increase by five-billion pounds over 2013. So how do you keep the interest up in 2015? Simple – by using the power of online reviews. It’s […]

How to mobilise your shoppers this year

If technology has advanced one universal thing, it’s speed. There’s no need to wait for news, events or even gossip. It’s all there, on your television, your computer, and your smartphone. The smartphone industry has boomed in the last decade. Now there’s a total of 1.75 billion smartphones across the globe. One major use of these […]

Why you should diversify across all search engines

With so many search engines to choose from in 2015, find out why focusing your marketing across the range this year can only bring great results. The fact that the phrase ‘Google it’ has entered everyday language shows just how Google has dominated the search engine market for many years – and for good reason. […]


Trustpilot is pleased to announce that our reviews are now displayed through Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and associated search engine Yahoo!, through Bing Merchant Ratings. With this, Trustpilot reviews are now visible across the Bing, Yahoo! and Google networks. According to October statistics from The E Word, that’s approximately 98% of the search engine market […]


Every five seconds, another customer writes a review through Trustpilot. At this fast pace, it’s important for businesses to adapt and react to the customer voice. A new review through Trustpilot every five seconds not only shows the success of our open review community, but also the speed at which customers are embracing their online […]


Uber is certainly driving towards an overhaul of the taxi industry with their app-based ridesharing service, but a recent privacy leak in their seemingly well-oiled engine highlights the importance of trust. The controversy surrounds “God view”, a tracking ability awarded to company employees allowing them to see travel logs of Uber users. This development would […]

The most important thing you can do for your business is open it to your customers. Find out why consumers care about openness and see how we help thousands of brands with trust and transparency. There are a few different types of online reviews. One is cherry-picked, controlled by the brand to only show positive […]

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These four trends will define retail success during 2015 – is your business ready for the challenge? 2014 is all but over, so marketers are now turning their attentions to 2015. What challenges does the New Year hold and how will your business face them? Here we look at four trends that we think will […]

Mazuma Mobile wins Customer of the Month by winning customer trust Customer experience has been at the heart of Mazuma Mobile’s business since day one. It had to be. When we launched back in 2006, we were one of the first to offer consumers the opportunity to send in their old phone in return for […]

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A roundup of the top retail trends seen in 2014 and how retailers have been adapting to meet demands. In 2014, retailers were faced with two major challenges – a still-struggling economy and tech-savvy customers looking to maximise their money. Many organisations have found new ways to meet these challenges through increased transparency and their […]


With the digital marketplace moving at a faster and faster pace, instant answers and tailored steps in the customer journey are important tactics to ensure your customers keep their business with you. By analysing customer feedback, you can ensure your business will thrive. Today, customers drive business. While marketing, advertising and a solid business model […]

Trusted Insights

Trusted Insights from Trustpilot are helping businesses extract additional customer review insights to drive purchase decisions by giving customers relevant reviews through their purchasing journey. To ensure continued business value, the Trustpilot team has introduced a powerful new analytical service: Trusted Insights. What is Trusted Insights? Trusted Insights allows you to gain additional perspectives on […]

By on Monday, November 24th, 2014 Online reputation management

The customer voice has never been stronger. Businesses have been on an aggressive path towards making themselves more customer-centric; listening more closely to customer feedback and using this to develop and evolve their customer experiences. However, it’s not just the Customer Service and Experience departments that are looking to customer feedback for guidance; Marketers and […]

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By on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 Announcements, Customer Service, How Trustpilot works, Social

In today’s competitive market, celebrating the success of our customers is important. After all, you’re gathering the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of reviews from your customers and acting on them every single day. You’re the ones getting great ratings online. You’re the ones keeping your consumers happy. And we like to keep you happy too. That’s […]

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By on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 Online reputation management, Online reviews, Trust

The marketing landscape has clearly evolved. Consumers have vast brand influence at their fingertips in this digital social age, and businesses have multiple avenues to engage customers in personalised conversations. Trust has become a valid currency, and online reviews have the ability to influence and change customer opinion before they have even made it into […]

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By on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 Cases and examples, How Trustpilot works

Since its inception seven years ago, Trustpilot has collected more than ten million reviews about online shopping experiences. From humble beginnings our review stream has grown into a formidable torrent of consumer opinion. We now gather reviews at a rate of 400,000 per month, thanks to our large user base and automated collection systems. The […]

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By on Monday, November 10th, 2014 Announcements, How Trustpilot works, Online reviews

TrustScore, star rating, and star label – one quick glance, and consumers get a very clear picture. Seconds are sometimes all it takes to connect consumers to trustworthy companies. At Trustpilot, we constantly strive to improve our services, in order to make the trust-connection as smooth as possible. We get great feedback from consumers and […]

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Trustpilot is now home to close to almost 10 million customer reviews–approximately 10,000 reviews are published on the platform every day by consumers around the world. Trustpilot is about trust and transparency. To us, it is vital that people can trust that the reviews in our community accurately represent the legitimate views of consumers. We […]

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77% of e-baskets are abandoned before the sale – and the reasons can be summed up in one word: trust. The customer journey between entering a site and clicking to pay can be ten to twelve steps long. If it’s your customer’s first time doing business with you, that’s twelve chances to cut and run. […]

Another month (p.s. can ANYONE believe it’s already October?!), another amazing company to recognize with the Trustpilot Customer Milestone Award. This month’s award goes to a company that prioritizes customer service throughout every step of their customer’s journey – from their user-friendly site, to their on-staff nutritionist available to answer your toughest questions, to their […]

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From that all-important first impression to ‘holes in the cheese’, get inside the mind of your shoppers. We are thrilled when we get positive reviews – it’s a reaffirmation that the investment we’ve made in the customer’s experience has been worthwhile. But correspondingly when we get negative reviews, that’s why it can feel so personally […]


What successful businesses are doing to boost their reputations on the web. What does a great reputation do for your business? It means… Word-of-mouth advertising. Customers do your selling for you. Shorter time-to-sale. With higher conversion rates at the initial transaction. More repeat business. Existing customers are big readers of reviews. Smarter service delivery. Customers tell […]


Nearly four out of five people consult online ratings and reviews – discover how to spot the fakes so you can protect the legitimate ones and increase conversions. You might want to sit down before reading this, but this is something you need to know. The most trusted form of marketing isn’t your glossy brochure, […]

By on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 Announcements, Customer Service, Events, Online reviews, Trust

Can you believe fall is already here, the holidays are right around the corner, and we are already on our third recipient of the Trustpilot Customer Milestone Award! Please join us in congratulating the amazing team at DriveTime Automotive Group – we are so thrilled to recognize them as September’s winner, for blazing the way […]

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By on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 Online reputation management

From time to time we experience huge interest in certain companies on Trustpilot. This has certainly been the case over the weekend. Our users have now written over 4,000 reviews in 5 days about Jensens Bøfhus and Jensens Fiskerestaurant, both positive and negative. Neither of these companies is a customer at Trustpilot. We are excited […]

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Busting three myths about online customer reviews. The evidence is clear – online reviews are now an established and important part of consumers’ decision-making process. But myths still persist. Here we bust three common myths about reviews. 1. Five-star is always best Five-star reviews prove that your business is at the top of its game = […]

By on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 How Trustpilot works, Online reviews

This weekend we received an extraordinary number of reviews for the Danish restaurants Jensen’s Bøfhus and Jensens Fiskerestaurant on Trustpilot. The activity started on the 19th of September, when a court case involving the two companies was decided. None of these companies are customers at Trustpilot. On Saturday we were notified by our users about […]

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The Christmas rush is crucial to the success of ecommerce retailers – follow these instructions to get your business ready, using customer reviews to boost sales. Countdown to Christmas: There are fewer than 100 shopping days remaining = meaning very little time to get websites/emails/stock levels/staff and reviews in place for the rush. “A third […]

Following the success of our first ever Trustpilot Customer Milestone Award and celebration, we are excited to announce August’s winner… This month’s award goes to the illustrious, the stupendous, the magnificent team at SquareTrade!  SquareTrade recently hit the major milestone of collecting 2,000 reviews.  Even more impressive than the volume of their customer responses are the customer stories […]

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If a company is found to have a large amount of fake reviews on Trustpilot, then that company should be removed from our website… Right? People often ask this question but we believe that removing company profiles as a result of the discovery of fake reviews will ultimately do more harm to consumer choice on […]

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Every day, our partners in the Trust Movement amaze us with their dedication to customer satisfaction. The Trustpilot team wants to recognize these inspiring achievements in customer service, and encourage our incredible customers to do so as well. Each month, Trustpilot will nominate businesses that reach significant milestones of trust, transparency and impeccable customer service, […]

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By on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Announcements, Customer Service

Welcome to Trustpilot’s new Support Center. This is an exciting day for us, we are happy to be providing you with an upgraded version of Trustpilot’s self-service support. Our new version is branded as Support Center. The Support Center is a 24/7 support destination for our business and review community. This is your go-to place […]

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As traditional advertising becomes less effective, online reviews which reflect quality customer service are imperative in reaching potential customers. The old model of advertising is simply not working – click-through rates on digital ads average as low as 0.15%, while major advertising agency M&C Saatchi revealed that its revenue growth in 2012 had come from CRM […]

Do Different Age Groups use Online Reviews Differently?

Drill down into internet demographics with an overview of how age plays a key role in online reviews. Younger people are supposedly more web-savvy than older people. So are they more influenced by online reviews? Trustpilot has recently conducted research, summarised in the Trust Economy Report, which sheds light on the future of Ecommerce . . […]


Proving ROI is one of the biggest pressures for modern marketers, especially as technology keeps changing the goalposts. Where should you be investing your time and money? One day it’s all about email, the next social media – but what gives the best online marketing ROI? And should you ditch what you know just to […]


What are reviews worth to your business? Cambridge mathematician William Hartston has developed a formula… watch our animation and try it yourself! When you buy online – be it a holiday, a washing machine or contact lenses – do you look at ratings and reviews? Do you check if anyone reported delivery trouble, criticised the […]

By on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 How Trustpilot works, Online reviews

From time to time, Trustpilot is criticised for not deleting or moderating reviews that contain offensive remarks. This touches upon a complicated legal issue: What responsibility does Trustpilot have – as a platform (i.e. communicator) – over the reviewers’ comments? We answer this question in the following response, and also comment on the use of […]

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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

We launched our platform in 2007 and now provide over 80,000 e-commerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than seven million consumer reviews. We continue to learn from and work with industry trade bodies, including the Consumer Ombudsman, FDIH, The Danish Chambers of Commerce and the Danish Consumer Council, to ensure that we are maintaining […]

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You thought bad reviews were the worst thing that could happen to your company, but wait until you read some of these downright unhelpful reviews! Some customer reviews are special. You know the ones we mean: they’re unhelpful, sometimes sarcastic and often unintentionally hilarious. This is what happens when ridiculous reviews happen to good products. Enjoy! […]


Companies naturally shirk away from bad online reviews – but bad reviews could be their greatest ally . . . Turn Negatives Into Positives Bad online reviews are seen as nothing more than a curse by many retailers – something to be swept under the carpet at the first possible opportunity. But the digital world […]


With so many companies craving customer loyalty, how do you make your business’s voice heard in an overcrowded digital world? Your Customer Retention Strategies Are Everything . . . According to the Harvard Business School increasing your customer retention by 5% will see your profits increasing by 25% to 95% How To Do It . . […]


Customer reviews help foster trust and brand affinity with customers, but they also have a strong role to play in engaging your employees. Customer reviews provide an invaluable trust signal to potential customers. By leveraging a user reviews solution, you’re telling the world that you care what customers think, that you welcome their feedback, and that […]

The Value of the Trust Economy

It’s no surprise that online reviews are having a significant impact on customer service, and ultimately the bottom line for businesses. The British Retail Consortium (BRC)  said December 2013 was a record-breaking month for online shopping, with close to one in five of all non-food purchases made online. The report also found a 19.2 per […]


Five ways that you can use social proof to boost the bottom line. Consumers are becoming more informed all the time, and with the power of the Internet at their fingertips, they can find out a huge amount of information about a business or product with just the click of a button. It’s no longer enough […]


Online reviews offer a unique way to improve your customer service, being that they are a learning opportunity for your business, not just a PR extension. What springs to mind when you hear the words ‘online review’? An opportunity to learn from what your customers really think? Or a PR nightmare, where all negative views must […]


Keep hold of your current customers with a strong customer retention strategy. According to Zendesk, (34%) of people believe that exceptional customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. By taking steps to keep hold of your customers, you’ll see growth in both your reputation and bottom line. Statistics show that: 80% of a business’ […]


The move from a physical to an Internet retail model has made brand trust a necessity for success. The Internet has shifted the balance of power from the retailer to the consumer. The rise of social media and review sites has put building trust at the forefront of online retail. 70% of consumers responding to a global […]


Getting your name in the digital sphere can seem daunting when you’re starting from scratch. Here’s your online reputation checklist. 1. Set up a Google+ Business account to get found by your customers across Google and boost your Google search rankings. Post engaging content regularly to get your message out, and promote your Google+ page with a […]

By on Monday, January 13th, 2014 Announcements

13 January, 2014 – New York – London – Copenhagen – Trustpilot, the leading review community for online shoppers, today announces it has raised $25m in Series C financing. This comes following 117 per cent growth in its consumer reviewer base with over five million online shoppers now posting reviews on Trustpilot. Global expansion also […]

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Don’t tear your hair out when a bad review comes in – Use it to your advantage. Firstly, the numbers 79% = The proportion of consumers who trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 47% = The proportion of UK consumers who have written an online review. 90% = The proportion of customers who believe their […]

By on Monday, December 30th, 2013 Announcements

As from January 6th 2014, Trustpilot is extending the login options for new user profiles in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany by giving the reviewer the choice of signing up either using our Facebook social login or by filling in a form on the Trustpilot website where reviewers are required to provide personal details. […]

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Increase your website conversion rates with trust signals that go beyond customer reviews The role customer reviews are playing on the conversion landscape is increasing significantly, with strong bodies of evidence supporting the claim that more and more shoppers are looking to their friends and peers for guidance on purchasing decisions: According to Nielsen, 92% of […]


Here at Trustpilot, we’re busting the fallacies surrounding online reviews one myth at a time. These are the 5 myths we hear most often… Myth 1: “Online reviews are all fake!” Busted: Although there is indeed a proportion of online reviews that are fake… 9 out of 10 reviews are genuine and reflect how much your customers care. […]

By on Friday, November 8th, 2013 Online reputation management

Last month, Trustpilot participated in two major e-commerce events: E-commerce Paris and the E-commerce Expo in London. Read the highlights below and tell us where you’d like to meet us in the future. It’s been a busy month for the Trustpilot crew; we  had the privilege to take part in not just one, but two […]

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By on Monday, September 16th, 2013 Announcements

Dear Trustpilot Community Earlier this month, we announced scheduled updates to the calculation process for our TrustScore. These planned updates are a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring the relevancy of our TrustScore for businesses and customers alike. During this upgrade we experienced an unforeseen complication affecting the planned activity. To guarantee disruption is minimised […]

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By on Friday, September 6th, 2013 Announcements

Dear Trustpilot community Yesterday, we announced that we were about to undertake a vital update to how we calculate our TrustScore. This update is designed to ensure our TrustScore reflects how recently customer reviews are made. This is to add extra reassurance to consumers that the TrustScore they are viewing reflects current peer experiences and […]

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Edit 09.09.2013: for most recent news regarding this topic, please read the blog post “Information regarding the TrustScore Update” from Sep. 6th 2013. Starting September 5th the TrustScore will be recalculated on a more frequent basis. Learn why this matters to consumers and what it means for your business. Starting today (September 5th) we are […]