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‘Holidays to Istanbul’: three words generating approximately 60 million results. Many results are blogs, but a large slice are travel companies offering trips. How can a choice be made? Well, it’s actually simple. What I’m looking for is word-of-mouth affirmation. I look to reviews of customers for that validity. A few minutes later, I’m all […]


We’ve said it time and time again, but trust matters. Travel is one industry where this is particularly true. Trips don’t come with a preview – you just pay and go. And that’s why customer reviews are so powerful, to potential customers and to travel businesses. See how travelling with or without trust could affect […]


Exploration and evolution are important to us at Trustpilot – we keep developing our tools to see you develop your business. However, exploration is not limited to businesses. Your customers, quite rightly, are explorers too. The online jungle is a big one and they need online trust and reassurance to navigate it. 70% of consumers […]

Orion's excellent five-star snapshot

There’s a negative review on your page. It’s not an awful one, and you know you’ve got a reply to it, but it still eats you up a little. You know the feeling, right? Criticism hurts. However, let’s all bravely assume one thing together: You will get some form of negative feedback. But should this […]

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With so many successful ‘break the internet’ attempts, you’d be forgiven for assuming the internet is as hardy as a china shop in an earthquake. While it’s not breaking the net – if you broke the net, you’d never see online news – this shorthand term for hijacking the internet with one quirky story is […]


The biggest specialist travel and technology show in Europe, you say? Well of course Trustpilot was there! Over 100 specialist suppliers and 4,500 industry professionals came together for Travel Technology Europe 2015, at London’s Olympia, to find the best ways to help travel businesses cruise to success. Reviews are a huge part of this success. Did […]


When I was 10-years-old, there was a girl I was swept away by. She had me head-over-heels in childish puppy love. Valentine’s Day was approaching and I’d bought gifts and prepared kind words (I was a soppy kid). But on the day, she rejected me. The reason? There was no chemistry. She barely knew me. […]


The move from a physical to an Internet retail model has made brand trust a necessity for success. The Internet has shifted the balance of power from the retailer to the consumer. The rise of social media and review sites has put building trust at the forefront of online retail. 70% of consumers responding to a global […]

Internet World London

Recently, Trustpilot’s founder and CEO Peter Holten Mühlmann gave a remarkable speech at Internet World Expo in London. In front of a packed audience, he discussed why he believes the world can’t go round without trust. What’s wrong with our current currencies? Today, anybody can sell anything on the web, and it can be very […]

Express Watches reviews

Customer reviews build trust, and in some cases the impact is huge. Learn how Express Watches removed a barrier in the sales process and saw their sales increase remarkably by displaying independent customer reviews on their website.