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Facts about reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings keep getting more weight in the buying process. Exactly how much can be hard to measure, but a lot of research has been done, and we found this infographic that collected some of the most interesting facts. Have a look.

Chocolate Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up. That means a boost in last minute purchases for places like flower delivery vendors and candy stores. We looked into the trends from last year and one thing stands out: Last minute purchases and online reviews make a perfect match.

Open rates double on personalised email invites

Last week we took a closer look at review motivation. Why do your customers spend their time giving your business negative or positive reviews at all? It fueled some questions about how businesses can get as many consumer reviews as possible. In this post we’ll talk about the single most effective advice: Personalised email invitations.

Review distribution 2011 is primarily positive

One of the most common objections to using a review service is that companies are afraid of customers leaving nothing but bad reviews. Sorry to say, but that’s a myth. Let’s dive into how customers are motivated to leave positive reviews.

Review Motivation

Getting customers to review your company is all about motivation. They did business with you and got what they came for. In this article we’ll look into what drives customers to leave a negative review – what’s their motivation for talking bad about your company.