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Facts about reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings keep getting more weight in the buying process. Exactly how much can be hard to measure, but a lot of research has been done, and we found this infographic that collected some of the most interesting facts. Have a look.

Show reviews on Facebook

If Facebook is a part of your marketing mix, I hope you are already aware of this: On March 30th all Facebook pages will automatically change to the new Facebook Timeline design. You probably want to modify your Facebook page, but the big deal here is far more important: Facebook becomes less about marketing and […]

business rating - good or bad

Long before I joined Trustpilot, I helped my friend, Michael with some Danish translations. Michael made a living from selling shoes on eBay and was totally obsessed with keeping his business rating perfect. Then one day, it happened – a customer returned a pair of shoes that was as expected but the delivery was really […]


People often ask us: How does your ranking system work? There are two answers to this question. One takes 30 seconds to explain, and the other more like 10 minutes. Here are both versions on how the review ranking system – also known as the TrustScore – works.