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Facts about reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings keep getting more weight in the buying process. Exactly how much can be hard to measure, but a lot of research has been done, and we found this infographic that collected some of the most interesting facts. Have a look.

Who is your favorite customer? A customer that leaves a lot of money on your desk may be quite convenient, but what about the customers who keep coming back? Or even better: The loyal customers who may not spend a lot of money, but who are so excited about your business that they speak out […]

Review Strategy

Getting reviews from your customers is only the first step. A good collection of reviews should be distributed wherever it makes sense in the online buying process. It makes you look more trustworthy and increases the chance that people will buy from you. Here’s our suggestion on how to create a review strategy that works, […]

Quality reviews - don't bribe or buy

Reviews clearly add value to your business. Once you start seeing what value it brings, you will go far to get as much quality reviews as possible – and preferably with good ratings too, of course. But there is a fine line on how far you can go, when getting your customers for feedback. Buying, […]

Review distribution 2011 is primarily positive

One of the most common objections to using a review service is that companies are afraid of customers leaving nothing but bad reviews. Sorry to say, but that’s a myth. Let’s dive into how customers are motivated to leave positive reviews.