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What do you ask yourself when booking a holiday? A long list of questions about your safety, the cost, and the experience, I bet. Still, believe it or not, there a few people who throw caution to the wind and book whatever seems good. The phrase ‘too good to be true’ normally holds true when they discover […]


‘Holidays to Istanbul’: three words generating approximately 60 million results. Many results are blogs, but a large slice are travel companies offering trips. How can a choice be made? Well, it’s actually simple. What I’m looking for is word-of-mouth affirmation. I look to reviews of customers for that validity. A few minutes later, I’m all […]

Calling all travel industry businesses

Discover the effect and importance of customer feedback on your business. It’s imperative that you do not ignore the importance of customer feedback! More than 75% of UK consumers check out online reviews before making a purchase. And according to the British Travel Awards Travelvision report… More than 33% of travellers say recommendations from review sites and […]


We’ve said it time and time again, but trust matters. Travel is one industry where this is particularly true. Trips don’t come with a preview – you just pay and go. And that’s why customer reviews are so powerful, to potential customers and to travel businesses. See how travelling with or without trust could affect […]

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Reviews have always been important. Whether they’re in print, on television, or straight from the mouth of a friend, opinions shape how we shop. But today, the greatest impact on shopping decisions comes from online word-of-mouth – that’s right, those online reviews from people we often hardly know or see. The fact is that: 77% […]


The lights dim. The drivers shift nervously. Teammates twitch tentatively. The race is long and only a few will be victorious. Some will retire, some will crash. The engines roar. The race begins. The prize? Online success. And what determines the winner? Online reviews. Alright, so business is not exactly a race – we don’t […]

Orion's excellent five-star snapshot

There’s a negative review on your page. It’s not an awful one, and you know you’ve got a reply to it, but it still eats you up a little. You know the feeling, right? Criticism hurts. However, let’s all bravely assume one thing together: You will get some form of negative feedback. But should this […]

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With so many successful ‘break the internet’ attempts, you’d be forgiven for assuming the internet is as hardy as a china shop in an earthquake. While it’s not breaking the net – if you broke the net, you’d never see online news – this shorthand term for hijacking the internet with one quirky story is […]


Online reviews offer a unique way to improve your customer service, being that they are a learning opportunity for your business, not just a PR extension. What springs to mind when you hear the words ‘online review’? An opportunity to learn from what your customers really think? Or a PR nightmare, where all negative views must […]

How the Single Review Page looks

We’re happy to introduce the Single Review Page, a new shareable product update, is live on May 15th 2013.