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Review Reporting – Introducing a Small but Important Change

By on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 in Announcements, How Trustpilot works

It’s not the biggest feature in the world, but we hope you’ll like our new improvements in how you report reviews anyway. You are now guided through the process, while cheaters will have a hard time reporting reviews in secret. Read about the details and how review reporting works on Trustpilot, overall.

On Trustpilot any customer can post a review about the company they bought from. Some customers do so after receiving an email invite from a company; others go to Trustpilot whenever they’ve bought something and then post their opinion. We are grateful to anyone who actively shares his or her voice and becomes an active part of the Trustpilot community.

How review reporting works

Reviews are unedited stories directly from the customer, and they can be posted immediately without any approval process. However, there are guidelines to follow and we want to keep a sober tone while ensuring that the reviews originate from real customers. If the content crosses the line, any user or company can report the review for any of the following reasons:

  • Review contains names of employees, coarse language or references to other companies.
  • Reviewer has not ordered a product or service at the company.
  • Review has been written by the owner or employees of the company.
  • Reviewer has posted duplicate reviews about the same company.
  • Review is based exclusively on the product features.
  • Review has been posted on the wrong company profile.
  • Suspicion of false reviews.

We have a team of five community supporters completely dedicated to investigation of the reviews in the order that reports are received. Whenever a review is reported the following happens:

      • A brief text indicating that the review has been removed will appear in place of the review on the company profile page.
      • The report will be handled by the first available community supporter
      • After investigating the report, the community supporter will find out whether the review should be removed, edited or left as it is.

Last week our community supporters handled more than 1000 reported reviews. In many of those cases, our community supporters needed to get documentation from either the customer or the company, so it could take some days until we get that feedback and are able to decide on the next steps. While being investigated, the review is still included in the review ranking system (TrustScore).

Better guidance when reporting reviews

Improved review reportingWe’ve just improved the way reviews are reported. When you choose to report a review, you will be asked whether you are reporting as a user or on behalf of a company. From there you will be guided through the rest of the process. In the past, some companies reported reviews using a private user profile. That makes it really difficult for our community supporters to get back to the company. We’re hoping to improve this by giving you better guidance throughout the entire process.

Bringing an end to secret reports

However, the option to report a review is not always used in the way it was intended. The newly launched improvements will bring secret reporting to an end. By requiring user profile validation through Facebook, we expect to reduce fraudulent reporting. It could be a competitor walking in and reporting all of your positive reviews.

We are aware of other known issues in respect to reporting reviews. Hopefully, this new change will make it easier for you to report a review, easier for our community supporters to manage and harder for the cheaters.

Feel free to read more in Trustpilot’s FAQ or ask any questions about reporting reviews in the comments below.

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