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10 ways to promote your genuine reviews from customers

By on Friday, May 4th, 2012 in Online reviews

Got a proud collection of genuine reviews from your customer base? Great, now is the time to get the word out. But where to start and what to do? Here are 10 ways to include reviews in your marketing mix and build more trust in your company.

We recently talked about how distribution is an essential part of a well-running review strategy. Distributing genuine reviews is not just a matter of impressing or convincing your potential customers, a lot of people actually expect to see ratings and reviews from others. Data from 2011 shared by Gregg Stewart showed that 32 percent of all consumers expect to find ratings and review information. And rest assured that they will do proper research and look for both negative and positive reviews of your company.

Promotion more important than perfection

Genuine Review Promotion from MyChoiceThat’s why it’s more important to have a large collection of genuine reviews –selected feedback from customers will look too good to be true in the eyes of your worst critics.

So the sooner you can get started promoting genuine reviews, the better. Here are 10 suggestions for your inspiration:

  • Promote genuine reviews on your website. Eventually, potential visitors will come across your website, so make sure the reviews can be found here. You can add a small, discreet widget displaying the latest reviews or go all in and dedicate most of your front page to reviews as MyChoice does.
  • Dedicate a menu item on your website. By creating a menu item for customer reviews like Mazuma Mobile does, you provide a way to convince skeptics no matter where they are on your website or how close they are to a decision.
  • Add a reviews tab on your Facebook page. Make sure that your reviews are easy to find for some of the 850 million users researching your company there. PreciousLittleOne does that very well.
  • Share reviews on Twitter. Show transparency by tweeting a brief update including a link to detailed, well-written reviews once in a while.
  • Share reviews on LinkedIn. The same is true for LinkedIn, too – especially if you are in B2B Marketing.
  • Include in a press release. A special story from your customers has good chances of making headlines, so consider posting it on the wires.
  • Use in outdoor advertising. How about some reviews on a billboard or the side of the city bus? You can even consider using reviews on roll-ups for your next trade show.
  • Include in your email signature. A link to your collection of genuine reviews is a powerful way to show openness and transparency to anyone you write to.
  • Include in company presentations. Slide 2 in the standard powerpoint is often packed with prominent logos. Stand out from the crowd by exchanging those with real statements from your customers.
  • Share genuine reviews on the intranet. Your colleagues build your brand, and your customers are the ones who perceive it. Share the genuine reviews internally to close the loop and give colleagues something to be proud of – or to improve.

Those were just 10 quick ideas to promote your company through reviews. What works for you?

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  1. Good points in this article. I will sure look into incooporation on our website and our LinkedIn profile.

    Thanks for the pointers

    • Joakim Ditlev says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jakob. Would be interesting to know if you can measure any results after using some of the hints…

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