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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

We launched our platform in 2007 and now provide over 80,000 e-commerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than seven million consumer reviews. We continue to learn from and work with industry trade bodies, including the Consumer Ombudsman, FDIH, The Danish Chambers of Commerce and the Danish Consumer Council, to ensure that we are maintaining […]

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By on Monday, April 14th, 2014 How Trustpilot works

Vi startede vores platform i 2007 og giver idag TrustScores til mere end 80.000 e-handelsvirksomheder baseret på mere end syv millioner kundeanmeldelser. Vi lærer hele tiden, og vi samarbejder med brancheinstanser, såsom Forbrugerombudsmanden, FDIH, Dansk Erhverv og Forbrugerrådet for at sikre de bedst mulige standarder. Markedet for kundeanmeldelser vokser og ændrer sig hurtigt, og vi […]

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Increase your website conversion rates with trust signals that go beyond customer reviews The role customer reviews are playing on the conversion landscape is increasing significantly, with strong bodies of evidence supporting the claim that more and more shoppers are looking to their friends and peers for guidance on purchasing decisions: According to Nielsen, 92% of […]


Edit 09.09.2013: for most recent news regarding this topic, please read the blog post “Information regarding the TrustScore Update” from Sep. 6th 2013. Starting September 5th the TrustScore will be recalculated on a more frequent basis. Learn why this matters to consumers and what it means for your business. Starting today (September 5th) we are […]


Vi har for nylig fået flere kommentarer og spørgsmål vedrørende rapporterede anmeldelser. I dette indlæg kan du læse mere om, hvorfor og hvornår anmeldelser bliver rapporteret, og hvad vores proces er for at behandle rapporterede anmeldelser. Trustpilot er en åben platform, hvor alle kan skrive og læse anmeldelser af de virksomheder de handler hos. Det […]


Trustpilot is in the business of trust. We take abuse very seriously, and in an increasingly competitive online economy, we are now taking a new step to make our review platform more transparent and open when it comes to reported reviews. Whenever a review is under investigation for infringement of our review guidelines, it is […]

Email invitation

Hvilke metoder må en virksomhed bruge, når de indsamler anmeldelser? Her kan du læse, hvordan Trustpilot sikrer, at anmeldelser bliver indsamlet på lovlig vis, så billedet af virksomhederne er så retvisende som muligt.

What review comments look like on Trustpilot

Starting today, commenting on a review is more fun, viral and conversational. With the improved comments system, we hope that the active consumer community on Trustpilot contributes with lots of shared shopping experiences. We also improved the review comments feature to let others discuss your company’s service – for good or for worse, but definitely […]

Improved review reporting

It’s not the biggest feature in the world, but we hope you’ll like our new improvements in how you report reviews anyway. You are now guided through the process, while cheaters will have a hard time reporting reviews in secret. Read about the details and how review reporting works on Trustpilot, overall.

Open rates double on personalised email invites

Last week we took a closer look at review motivation. Why do your customers spend their time giving your business negative or positive reviews at all? It fueled some questions about how businesses can get as many consumer reviews as possible. In this post we’ll talk about the single most effective advice: Personalised email invitations.