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Your Business Reputation and Facebook Timeline: Make the Change, Reap the Rewards

By on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 in Social

If Facebook is a part of your marketing mix, I hope you are already aware of this: On March 30th all Facebook pages will automatically change to the new Facebook Timeline design. You probably want to modify your Facebook page, but the big deal here is far more important: Facebook becomes less about marketing and more about managing your business reputation through long term customer relationships.

It’s right about now. Facebook will make a huge change to the way companies can engage with their customers. Some really innovative companies living in the überfast lane (like Trustpilot, of course) have already implemented the new Facebook Timeline for Pages, before it’s being rolled out for all pages. This is how the official Trustpilot Facebook page looks now.

During the past month social media experts from all over the world have written a lot of good articles on how businesses can prepare for Facebook Timeline and how well it pays off to be an early mover. There’s even some great content made in Danish.

Your business reputation becomes transparent

What the experts talk less about is how the new Facebook Timeline for pages will impact your business reputation. Clearly, there are some huge areas you can take advantage of especially, if you treat your customers well.

Facebook Timeline Business ReputationCustomers can easily scroll down to read about your company history and see what people posted on your wall in the past. Will this mean increased transparency? For sure, and if your business reputation has suffered from bad incidents in the pasts, it’s much harder to hide now. In fact, everything said and done in the past is revealed when scrolling down the timeline of your Facebook page. However, you can still mark milestones in your timeline to make the good events more prominent. You can highlight when you moved to a new location or launched a new product, for instance.

Your takeaway: Prepare yourself by going through your timeline and highlight the stories that are most interesting to your customers while adding personality to your business.

It’s all about customer relationships

Whether you are using your current Facebook page for marketing, customer service or simply as a corporate business card, you are still spending time on it for one reason: You want your business to be a success.

Facebook direct messageThe new Facebook Timeline is designed to let you tell your company’s story and make your customers want to interact with you. There are multiple changes stressing this change. Fans can still post on your wall, but can also send you direct messages, if you allow them to. You can respond to those messages, but you can’t initiate a private conversation.

Even if your Facebook strategy is heavily focused on marketing and advertising, you need to consider your stories and overall customer relationships. Going forward, the stories you share on your Facebook page can be used as sponsored stories distributed into several channels. So if you are just advertising on Facebook, it’s time to reconsider your approach.

Your takeaway: Make sure you have interesting things to say when posting on your Facebook page. From now on it’s key to drive customer relationships, even if you are focused on advertising.

Trustpilot Reviews are Ready for the Facebook Timeline Design

Show reviews on FacebookIf your Facebook page includes applications, you will need to decide which four should be highlighted right beyond your cover photo. If you used to have an intro page, that will now be downgraded to an application and you can select it as a highlighted app. But all users will still go directly to your page, making the overall experience much more transparent.

At Trustpilot we have upgraded the application that shows your customer reviews on your Facebook page. The reviews showed on Facebook now match the Timeline design. We also included a small summary with the total number of reviews and the current TrustScore. Here’s how it looks on Mazuma Mobile’s Facebook page.

Your takeaway: Decide which apps to use for the 4 top positions. Start out by looking into the popularity of your current apps using Facebook Insights.

Good luck getting your Facebook page ready for Timeline. Do you have any other good advice?

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