Trustpilot Product Update Oct 2017 [VIDEO]

Trustpilot Product Update Oct 2017 [VIDEO]


In this guest article, Thomas Fogt, Global Product Marketing Manager for Trustpilot, has an exciting new video with our latest product updates to share.

At Trustpilot we want to help consumers make better choices and help great companies improve and win. We just collected our 35,000,000th review this month (woohoo!) and reached more than 250,000,000 monthly website impressions on Google. It’s fair to say that the bigger we get, the more we’re helping consumers connect with the best online companies.

The technical foundation for this has been built over the last 10 years by our awesome engineers and product teams who continuously are improving our review platform and review software. To show you what we’ve been working on lately, the Product team has put together a quick video update!

Don’t have the time to watch a video? That’s okay! Below you can find our most recent product update highlights from the past months. All to help you improve and win.

Key Highlights

  • Our new “Find Reviewer” feature help clients get information on organic (non-invited) reviewers faster than ever before and without the need to report the review. 
  • Collect more reviews with our new optimized email templates for service-based companies. Our optimized email templates, on average, collects 98% more reviews than our legacy template.
  • All apps are now available in our Pro tier. These include Zendesk, Hootsuite, Zapier, and more.
  • On the company profile page, the TrustScore has been moved to the right column as we found most consumers responded best to the star rating.

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