Quick E-Commerce Tips for the Holiday Season [WEBINAR]

Quick E-Commerce Tips for the Holiday Season [WEBINAR]

This article was written by Olivia (Livvy) Marsh, our Customer Marketing Coordinator. 

For online retailers, the holiday season is the biggest sales season of the year providing plenty of opportunity to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and leverage customer feedback. But how can businesses ensure they’re doing all they can to make the most of these opportunities?

Throughout the entire customer journey -  from search to sale - there are strategies you can implement to increase site visitors, reduce cart abandonment, and encourage customers to choose your business over the competition.

In this webinar, Trustpilot Customer Success Manager, Charlie Recalde, has partnered with Lightspeed’s CMO, Laith Murad, to tackle how eCommerce retailers find success this holiday season. Together, they’ll walk you through key eCommerce tips to use at every point in the customer journey, including simple strategies that can be implemented today, even if your site is in a code freeze. Here are just some of the topics they’ll cover:

  • Building a social media presence to draw consumers in pre-purchase
  • Optimizing search engine results with reviews and rich snippet stars
  • Reassuring buyers at every stage of the purchase funnel
  • Analyzing review data to make better business decisions

Tune in to the webinar recording below.

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