Making email marketing successful: The power of trust [LIVE PRESENTATION]

Making email marketing successful: The power of trust [LIVE PRESENTATION]

We talk about trust a lot. And for good reason. Trustpilot is built on the fact that trust represents the turning point between consumers and brands. Traditional marketing doesn’t work, advertising is almost completely ignored, but peers are still trusted.

This is why reviews are so powerful. Consumers make decisions when other consumers help them. They seek out reviews, do their independent research, and like to be told by people like them whether or not they should buy a product, use a service, or choose a company.

So what can companies do?

They should be leveraging trust in their own ways. Collect and share positive feedback, find third-party validation, leverage social proof, connect with customers, understand them, and then show the world.

On Wednesday, August 2nd, 2pm-3pm EST, we’re partnering with dotmailer to show you how to leverage trust in your email marketing to optimize performance. We’ll show you how to apply automation to your email marketing to created a more authentic connection with your customers and how using trust symbols such as ratings, reviews, and UGC (user generated content) can increase CTRs, conversions, and sales.

Update: Sorry if you missed out on the live presentation! But don't worry, we recorded it and threw the slides up online. Check them out below!

If you’re interested in learning how Trustpilot can help you connect with your customers, just request a demo here.

P.S - Want to learn more about connecting with your customers? Check out our webinar with Referral Rock where we covered customer engagement and showed viewers the tactics they could apply to improve their customer engagement. The recorded presentation and Slideshare are below.