Join Us For A Good Weekend on March 17th-March 20th

Join Us For A Good Weekend on March 17th-March 20th

We’re very excited to announce that we are sponsoring A Good Weekend, a wellbeing event that runs from Friday March 17th and ends on the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, Monday, the 20th. Founded by former Comic Relief creative director, Chris Ward, an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, A Good Weekend is an initiative encouraging businesses to offer their services, products, activities, or experiences at little to no cost.

So far, businesses such as EventBrite, Time Out, Escape the City, Twickets, and Yestival, among many others, have committed to their participation and will offer a wide variety of experiences. To show our commitment to A Good Weekend, we’re inviting participating companies to use Trustpilot for free so they can collect reviews throughout A Good Weekend and beyond, to learn from their customers and better serve them.

Why We All Need ‘A Good Weekend’

A Good Weekend isn’t about spending money. It’s about having fun. It’s about trying something new -- checking out that comedy show you keep hearing about, finally hiking outdoors, or going to that concert you’ve been meaning to check out. It’s about giving yourself a weekend to be happy, laugh, and live stress-free.

We know the value of sharing great experiences. We’re sponsoring A Good Weekend because we believe in promoting physical and mental wellbeing by collectively encouraging others to participate in positive experiences. It’s easy to be overworked, it’s easy to be overstressed, shouldn’t it be easy to be happy?

A Good Weekend’s mission, in conjunction with the UN’s Global Goal 3, is to achieve universal Good Health and Wellbeing. We want you to feel great, to love life, and to help others do the same.

Making ‘A Good Weekend’ a Great Weekend

We’d like to invite all companies, including our Trustpilot partners, to join A Good Weekend and help us make A Good Weekend an unforgettable weekend! All businesses who participate will offer reduced priced or ‘taster’ sessions of their offerings throughout the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to connect to potential new customers while also taking advantage of a large-scale event that will make your company part of a memorable weekend.

If you’d like to participate as A Good Weekend partner, sign up here. You’ll have a toolkit of campaign creative at your disposal to use in any and all kinds of communications to promote your involvement in this great initiative. For partners who will be exposed to the Trustpilot platform for the first time, our Customer Success Team will be on-deck, ready to help you start collecting reviews and take advantage of all the benefits customers reviews provide.

Not ready to make a commitment yet? Then feel free to join in on the fun! There’s a number of activities and experiences already listed on A Good Weekend’s website. Check them out and sign up for them here.