Integrate Trustpilot reviews in Slack - Another API experiment

Integrate Trustpilot reviews in Slack - Another API experiment

We love playing around with APIs at Trustpilot, and so do the great minds behind Slack - a handy messaging app that we use for a lot of our internal communication. So when I started experimenting for Trustpilot Labs, I thought why not build something that bridges the best collaboration tool with the best review community?

I took my idea and ran with it, and I ended up building quite a convenient little app - the Slack Integration. My app lets you read your latest reviews and reply to them from the comfort of Slack, simply by interacting with a robot.

And a nice little bonus...if you have Slack on your phone, you can check reviews on-the-go. Whether you’re a one-man show or a large team, having Trust in your pocket will give your business a great degree of flexibility when replying to reviews.

“I love seeing examples of developers experimenting with new technologies and building cool tools that not only helps them practice their tech skills, but also solve a real-world problem that customers have and helps them save time and streamline their processes. This integration with Slack is the perfect example of a 20% project being 100% awesome!”
Milena Nikolova, Product Manager

Read on to learn about the Slack Integration, where you can find it, and how you can try it out for free. For those wanting to jump on the experimental wagon, scroll down to find out how to build your own customized version.

Slack and Trustpilot

Install the ready-to-use Slack app...

You can find my app in Trustpilot Labs , and read about getting started. When you set it up, you can use an existing Slack channel, but I’d recommend creating a dedicated one, so your reviews don’t get jumbled together with other communication.

How the app works - reviews roll in automatically

Freehugs screenshots
  1. When you add the app to your Slack team, it will create a bot with access to one of your Slack channels.
  2. As soon as you receive a new review, the bot will post it in that channel, and you’ll have the option to reply.
  3. The bot will create a thread where you can write your reply, edit, and post it.

You can also send the bot requests

  1. Send a message to the bot and ask, for example, for a 5-star review.
  2. The bot will then give you the latest 5-star review that you haven't replied to yet.
  3. Write your reply, edit, and post it.

Now you know where to get the app and how it works. Scroll down to get some visuals, or if you want to see the app in action, check out my demo video:

… or roll your own customized version

(You are now entering developer territory)

Would you rather build your own API integration? I’ve made the core of the app open source so you can easily grab the source code on Github and expand upon it. All you need is a bit of experience with NodeJs, and a place to host and run your app.

As an exercise, try to pair your app with our Webhooks app to automatically get new reviews in your Slack channel.

The ready-made version in Trustpilot Labs is essentially a container around the open source one, so your pull requests are definitely welcome! Head over to our documentation and get inspired to contribute to this fun project.

Happy Slacking!

And there you have it folks. What started as a cool idea turned into a fun experiment, and who knows what will happen down the line? As with all projects in Labs, my app may one day be released as a business product. But until then, I hope that some companies will enjoy using it, and I hope I've inspired others to do some experimenting of their own!

I’d love to get your feedback. Let me know what you think at or tweet @trustpilot with #TrustpilotLabs!

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