How HomeBridge establishes customer satisfaction as a key differentiator

How HomeBridge establishes customer satisfaction as a key differentiator

  Ben Chapman

Ben Chapman

HomeBridge had a mission to be the most highly recommended mortgage company in the country. So they set out to achieve it by working hard to satisfy every customer’s needs, going beyond merely “closing a loan.” But when Ben Chapman started at HomeBridge as Director of Client Experience, he saw an opportunity to better establish customer satisfaction as their key differentiator and use it as a marketing tool to grow the business.

As HomeBridge wasn’t a brand many people were familiar with, he knew they needed authentic customer reviews available where people were researching their brand, in order for prospective customers to feel comfortable doing business with them. HomeBridge had plenty of great customer testimonials, collected by their associates, but Ben knew sharing these onsite wouldn’t be credible enough to have a positive impact on search engine results; and in turn, site visitation and engagement. To prospective clients, copying and pasting reviews on their site left room for customers to presume bias, selectivity and/or modification of its testimonials. So he decided to do some research of his own: finding a way to collect and leverage reviews that people could trust.


  • Establish credibility with potential clients
  • Drive more traffic to their site from organic search and improve online reputation
  • Streamline their customer service and support processes

When researching the different review solutions on the market, Ben came across Trustpilot. Struck by the simplicity and solidity of the Trustpilot open review platform, and its extensive safeguards against fraudulent reviews, Ben felt confident that using Trustpilot would provide the review credibility HomeBridge needed.

Empower customers to represent their brand

Using Trustpilot to proactively ask customers to leave reviews, HomeBridge empowers their current clients to represent their brand to prospective customers. Integrating Trustpilot’s API solution with their email platform, Mailchimp, they’ve created an optimally performing email invitation, improving the industry average response rate of 2.1% by 10x with a 22.5% response rate.

Asking for reviews from all customers has also allowed HomeBridge to get a more accurate depiction of their business, improving their TrustScore rating from a 7.1 to 9.1.

With their reviews, customers are able to sell HomeBridge services for them via multiple Trustpilot TrustBox widgets that display reviews throughout their website.

Drive traffic through organic search

To improve their online reputation and help consumers when researching their brand, HomeBridge created a webpage just for their reviews. Now, when shoppers search for keywords like “homebridge reviews,” they find multiple pages exclusively devoted to third party verified reviews of HomeBridge.

To drive even more traffic to their reviews page in organic search, they used Trustpilot’s latest TrustBox to automatically get rich snippet stars showing in search. These stars have driven 35.77% more traffic from organic search to their reviews page.

Using Trustpilot’s rich snippets in our schema markup was the perfect way to stand out and add stars to our organic search results. The TrustBox was incredibly simple to integrate on our reviews page and it took less than a day for search engines to start showing our stars. Our personal efforts with schema ratings have not been picked up by search engines that quickly, or at all in some instances.
— Ben Chapman

Track reviews for individual employees & branches

By using Trustpilot’s API to send custom review invitations, HomeBridge is able to easily match reviews to their respective Loan Officers and branches. Management uses this information to assess service quality in their branches and by Loan Officers and give recognition to a particular high ranking Loan Officer. Most frequently, the reviews serve to improve employee morale and encourage them to keep providing top notch service.


HomeBridge aggregates each Loan Officer’s reviews and displays them on their individual webpages to help establish personal credibility and trust with new or prospective clients.

Streamline customer support processes

Using Trustpilot’s Zendesk channel integration App, HomeBridge monitors and resolves all reviews, both positive and negative, from within their Zendesk platform. The App automatically creates tickets in Zendesk for every review. 1,2, and 3-star Trustpilot reviews are quickly and easily managed outside of the Trustpilot platform by the Customer Experience Team. The Team handles the poor reviews by first responding to the customer, internally researching the issue’s validity, and then resolving the customer issue offline: providing customers with a positive user experience from start to finish. Additionally, the 4 and 5 star reviews automatically receive a “thank you” response via Zendesk settings.

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