How Home Logic Uses Customer Reviews To Transform Traffic Into Revenue

How Home Logic Uses Customer Reviews To Transform Traffic Into Revenue

Bringing energy saving solutions to the homes of the UK

Home Logic is a Southampton-based home solutions company bringing innovative, eco-friendly and cost effective energy saving products and solutions to the homes of the UK.

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Charlie Clark, Digital Marketing Manager at Home Logic explains:

“My role at Home Logic is to improve traffic, sales, and brand reputation for the organisation. As the competition for our products gets more intense, and our product range expands, we need to be one step ahead of our competitors.”

That’s why Home Logic decided to take an active approach and invest in Trustpilot reviews over a year ago.

Home Logic now collects reviews through the Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) feature.

The Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) sends an email to customers inviting them to write a review of their experience. Companies can control this delay depending on business needs to encourage the customers to submit content that is useful for others. With (AFS), companies can be assured that their reviews accumulate more rapidly, to provide an authentic and honest representation of their business.

How Leveraging Social Proof Led to Better Marketing Performance

Testing Conversion Rate Optimisation

“We have seen up to a 20% increase in CTR when comparing ads displaying the extensions to those that are not, further solidifying the impact these star ratings can have.” - Charlie

Since Home Logic has implemented Trustpilot widgets all over their sites, SEO and Paid Media Campaigns, they have observed a 5% increase in conversion rate through Google Seller Ratings, compared to the adverts that do not show.

The company recently launched a competitor campaign that directly targeted the competitors, offering customers a price match or better.

The competitor campaign saw a 90% conversion rate increase, proving once again that their Google Seller Ratings is the preferential Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Home Logic customers.

On average, companies who use customer reviews experience a 17% increase in CTR.

Lowering Cost Per Conversion

“Since implementing TrustBoxes on our site, we have seen a considerable increase in the amount of organic leads we get through for our products.”

  TrustBoxes on the Home Logic website

TrustBoxes on the Home Logic website

TrustBoxes provide unique content for the Home Logic website, which strongly impacts the Google Rankings of the company.

Recently, Home Logic has seen their organic rankings improve and rise to the top 3 rankings on page 1 of Google Search Results for some of their most competitive keywords, bringing them above the main distributors of the market.

  Example of Home Logic Rich Snippet

Example of Home Logic Rich Snippet

With organic traffic bringing more leads in at no cost, Home Logic has been able to acquire a lot of new customers for free.

Google Seller Ratings (GSR) have also brought the business’s cost per conversion down by £70 for their most competitive products, to anywhere from £50 to £100 per conversion.

Growing Online Revenue via Google Seller Ratings

Google Seller Ratings having given Home Logic an unprecedented advantage over their competitors since they have started showing up on their Google advertising campaigns and have helped them bring in over £300,000 in online revenue through paid media alone in 2016.

“Trustpilot reviews have helped us reach online revenue from a previously non-existent online advertising presence”, explains Charlie.

So far, Home Logic is pacing for a record year as the current sales for 2017 have reached more than £250,000 in Q1.

Using Reviews Across Departments

Over the past year, Home Logic has also found Trustpilot reviews to be useful in other areas of the business.


Home Logic’s sales representatives use their ratings and reviews to help communicate to potential customers their trustworthiness as measured by their existing customers.

Home Logic has a mixture of cold calling, inbound, and outbound telesales in their marketing department, and the fact that they have over 200 positive reviews acts as a great selling point for customers who need clarification about who they are as a company.

According to the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2016, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation which is why Home Logic has found success incorporating reviews as part of the marketing and selling strategy.

Social Sharing

Home Logic have chosen to utilize reviews on Facebook and LinkedIn adverts to give a real representation of what customers are likely to experience when they purchase from their website.

Displaying their 5-star ratings to their Social Media followers helps reinforce the strong and trustworthy brand identity Home Logic have worked so hard to achieve.

  Social Sharing

Social Sharing

The Home Logic Team

Home Logic maintains a happy and proud staff throughout the year thanks to consistent amazing customer feedback.

“It has helped us develop more praise for our installers. The installers never really come into the main office and it is nice to see in the reviews that they have been praised multiple times for their professionalism and courteous natures. The Managing Director has taken note of this and rewarded them fairly.”

Trustpilot reviews and TrustScore are also great for prospective employees, who instantly have the feeling that the business they’re applying for is a good and reliable company to work for.

  Home Logic Offices

Home Logic Offices

How Reviews Will Help Home Logic Improve Their User Experience

With 250 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 9.6 out of 10, Home Logic is using Trustpilot reviews throughout the customer journey and are planning to take advantage of the feedback to improve the user experience.

Online reviews now impact revenue for all kinds of businesses. Historically, word of mouth has been a powerful source for referrals and the Internet dramatically impacted the way word of mouth spreads and is valued. According to a 2016 Local Consumer Survey, more than half (58%) of consumers consider the star rating of a business to be the most important.

Consumers are looking for reviews and putting trust in customer feedback, so it’s time to take a proactive role in the process.

As Charlie explains:

“As the competition for our products gets more intense, and our product range expands, we need to be one step ahead of our competitors. If we carry on the way we are going with our TrustPilot reviews, then we have a clear advantage over our competing companies who have been established for a lot longer than we have.”

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