Customer Feedback Reduced Cost-per-Click by 35% for Answer-4u

Customer Feedback Reduced Cost-per-Click by 35% for Answer-4u

Making every call count
There’s nothing worse than missing an important phone call, particularly if it’s from a prospective shopper or an existing customer. Thankfully, Nottingham based contact centre Answer-4u fills the void, offering businesses a 24/7 telephone answering service.

Outsourcing customer service duties such as responding to the media, taking orders, or answering support calls, can be a daunting task. After all, you want to guarantee your customers are getting the best treatment possible. Trust is crucial.

Answer-4u has over 200 reviews with Trustpilot, providing the reassurance prospective customers need, and demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Continually delivering 5 star service
The reviews Answer-4u collect are closely scrutinised by their team for customer insights, as the business is always seeking out opportunities to improve their 5 star service levels:

Although we have achieved a 5 star rating we know we continually need to evolve to improve the services provided to our clients, clearly feedback from our clients is vital to us. Trustpilot continues to be a major part in accessing the level of service provided to our clients.
— Stuart Wilson, General Manager

Reviews feed into all areas of the business to ensure Answer-4u is continually evolving to meet the needs of their growing client base, as Stuart explains:

“Some early feedback from Trustpilot reviews highlighted a need to improve our training processes for new starters. Without this insight, we might not have uncovered the need to refresh our training programme which now sees new starters spend two weeks in inductions before moving to stabliser teams.”

Building trust through digital marketing
While Answer-4u initially chose Trustpilot to measure and collect customer feedback, the licensing agreement Trustpilot has with Google meant that they quickly saw the benefits of online reviews in their ongoing digital marketing activity, including:

  • 35% reduction in cost-per-click
  • 17% increase in enquiries via Google
  • 22% increase in conversion from Google enquiries

Lowering marketing costs and increasing conversions are a huge win for any growing business, but they don’t happen overnight. Stuart explains, “A number of initiatives have contributed to advances in our Google activity and it’s clear Trustpilot has had a significant effect. Notably we’ve seen improvements in our SEPR positions which helps reinforce our status as market leader in the industry.”

Celebrating feedback internally
Online reviews also serve to celebrate the work of individuals within the business, contributing to the success of Answer-4u. “We ensure that staff members openly praised within reviews are made aware of the good feedback they’ve received” says Stuart.

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