5 Creative Ways to Leverage Your Rating

5 Creative Ways to Leverage Your Rating

As part of my job as a Marketing Manager at Trustpilot, I have the opportunity to speak with many of our customers and hear how they are benefitting from Trustpilot. One thing that I’m always struck by is the creative ways our customers utilise their Trustpilot rating and TrustScore.

Here are five of my favourite ways I’ve seen businesses use their Trustpilot reviews:

Packaging Play

A delivery from online retailer drinkstuff is always a welcome sight. Not only does it mean there’s a party in the calendar (check out their cocktail kits!) but every delivery box also features their 5-star Trustpilot rating, and invites feedback. It’s a clever marketing ploy, when you consider how many eyes might see this box before it lands on your doorstep.

Use your reviews in print advertising

Reviews make excellent content for marketing campaigns as demonstrated here by contact lens retailer, Vision Direct/ . In this double-side print ad Vision Direct showcase their TrustScore plus real reviews from real customers - a great way to build trust. What makes this advert extra special for me is the perforated tear-off slips at the bottom of the page which could help turn this magazine reader into your next customer.

Showcase your reviews in motion

Residential letting and management agency Central Housing Group stand out from competitors with their colourful fleet of cars which grace the streets of London. If you look closely, you’ll see every car features Central Housing Group’s 5 star Trustpilot rating on their roof, windows and bumper. No matter where the cars go, passengers and passers-by know Central Housing Group are a company they can trust.

Use Trustpilot to invite guests

To attract passersby, Green Retreats, outdoor garden room manufacturer, provides a reassuring welcome by their entryway. Below their logos you can spot a Trustpilot banner, demonstrating their 5 star rating. A small touch, but one that can make the difference between a passerby continuing or stopping at their business.

The writing’s on the wall

Guarantor loans company George Banco doesn’t simply use reviews to market to new and prospective customers, the business also shares reviews with its employees. Beyond emailing reviews internally to relevant reps, a chosen few make it to their “Trustpilot wall,” seen below. The wall is great visual reminder of how important customer feedback is and encourages employees to go above and beyond. Having achieved nearly 600 reviews with Trustpilot, it won’t be long before they need a bigger wall!

Using Trustpilot in your marketing

If you’d like to use Trustpilot to market your brand, check out the Marketing Assets tab within your portal. It’s packed with brand assets and templates you can use, as well as creative examples by other brands using Trustpilot online and offline. We also encourage you to review our guidelines so that you know in advance how to reference our brand.

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