Incorporating Reviews Seamlessly in Your Customer Service Strategy

Incorporating Reviews Seamlessly in Your Customer Service Strategy

Dominate Your Customer Service Strategy

If you have a mountain of feedback from your customers, you may feel overwhelmed, and unenthused about handling it. Interested in implementing an automated system to make your life easier, and your customers happier?

Consider the 1-2 punch of a Zendesk integration and a superstar Customer Service team.

That’s precisely how Trustpilot handles the feedback we receive. For inspiration, check out our strategy.

A day with our Support team

When Brittany, one of our Community Support Agents, arrives at our NYC office each morning, she checks the Support queue. It’s filled with tickets.

Tickets are triggered by emails addressed to our Support team, reviews of our business on Trustpilot, chat requests in our Support center, comments on our Facebook page, and tweets addressed to @trustiesupport on Twitter.

Essentially, tickets are created any time a consumer or partner is trying to engage with us.

Above, the unassigned ticket queue. Brittany will assign each ticket to the best Support agent for the job.

The tickets are about all kinds of things, ranging from a consumer struggling to log-in to the platform, to a business partner praising us on Facebook.

Based on the content of the ticket, Brittany will assign the ticket to the appropriate market. Mike Larkin, for example, a Senior Support Agent, receives all API and Business questions. Cliff, a Senior Support Agent in our Copenhagen office, responds to all queries written in French.

Regardless of the content, we make sure every ticket gets a response.

When Brittany assigns the ticket, it appears in each agent’s “open ticket” queue in Zendesk. Every Support agent can solve their ticket from within Zendesk – and still have their replies appear in the respective platform: Twitter, Facebook, email.

Above, an open ticket in Zendesk, and the reply field for the agent to respond.

When each user’s issue has been resolved, the agent will categorize the ticket by type (question, incident, problem, or task), priority level, topics, and country.  The agent will then submit the ticket as resolved, and Zendesk will trigger an automatic email to the user to rate the service he or she has received from our Support team.

Above, a comment from Trustpilot’s Facebook page is tagged with relevant categories for future analysis.

Our Support team puts a great deal of effort into creating a positive experience for our customers, and continuing to improve our resources.

The agents regularly pore over our categorized reviews to find trends. If they see that lots of business partners are asking for help with a particular widget, or customers are often confused about how to update a review, a Support member will create content in the form of a “help article” for that specific issue, and share it publicly in our Support center.

Does your business use any integration to help maintain your online reputation?

Our use of Zendesk has allowed us to create a seamless, positive experience for consumers and partners. And it seems to be working. Internationally, we achieved a 92% satisfaction score with users who had interacted with our Support team.

What can you do to achieve this level of sterling customer service?

Analyze your current customer service strategy. See if there’s any way you can automate the steps between consumers who need help, and the customer service agents who can help them.

As you make the process more efficient, your customers will have a continually improved experience with your business – boosting your online reputation and increasing the likelihood of repeat customers.

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