Takes The Lead With Their Growing Reputation Takes The Lead With Their Growing Reputation

For holiday comparison website, holidays are never one size fits all.

Update: We recently visited Icelolly's beautiful office in Leeds to see how the branding, marketing, and customer management departments benefit from's partnership with Trustpilot. Watch the video below to learn how a trusted reputation has helped Icelolly find success.

We all prefer different things, such as location, accommodation, activities and more. For the majority of companies advertising holidays, these variations could easily turn into a logistical nightmare.

But not for the team. And they’ve got the positive feedback to prove it. showcase more than 130 million different travel deals from companies around the UK, giving holidaymakers a vast range of holiday options to meet their needs. see around 20 million visitors a year using their comparison service.

Now over 4,000 reviews later, and with 83% of their reviews 4 and 5 star, Ice Lolly’s ambitions to be the market leader are being realised.

Key statistics

  • 4,000+ reviews
  • Google Seller Rating increase from 0 to 4.5
  • 100% review response rate
  • 83.3% of all reviews are 4 or 5 star

Why Trustpilot?

“We’ve one of the widest selections of holidays out there; we’re determined to help people find the holiday that’s special to them,” says Andy Fozzard, customer experience manager for

“We chose to work with Trustpilot as we felt it most effectively met the needs of a service orientated business versus other product-based reviews services.

“At, reinforcing trust in our brand is vital to the ongoing success of our business. The transparency provided by Trustpilot, along with the ability to interact and re-engage with our users, was a real game changer for us.” says Andy.

As seen on TV! The TV advert, bringing the best holiday deals to you and featuring their December 2016 Trustpilot rating. 

‘We’ve seen a Google Seller Rating increase’

With thousands of reviews, Google began taking notice of’s fresh content and prominence in the holiday field.

For this, they’ve seen their search engine rankings improve, often appearing on the first search engine results page alongside their Trustpilot profile.

It doesn’t stop there - Google Seller Ratings improved too.

With Trustpilot we’ve been able to benchmark our performance against other travel businesses,” says Andy.

“We’ve seen our Google Seller Rating increase to an overall score of 4.5 (out of 5) as a result of the reviews we’re collecting, which is a great achievement from our standing start.

Using Trustpilot internally

Aside from consumer-facing benefits, Trustpilot has affected staff morale too.

“Trustpilot has had a positive impact internally as we’re able to share the happiness our customers feel,” says Andy.

“Trustpilot is now an integral part of our business, with performance being shared and discussed at a senior level on a weekly basis. We respond to every review that is posted on Trustpilot as it’s important to acknowledge both positive and negative feedback accordingly.

“We’ve seen increased net promoter score and call quality feedback improvements over the same period. It’s a story we’re really proud of,” says Andy.

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