5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Using Trustpilot

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Using Trustpilot

Did you know there’s more you can do with Trustpilot reviews than just collect them?

Read on to learn five ways you can impress your customers and prospects with your reputation.

1 - Product Reviews

Boost your site’s organic ranking with Product Reviews SEO

Trustpilot has created a world first: a SEO focused, easy to implement widget to showcase your product reviews.

Our SEO TrustBoxes display your product reviews and reassure your customers’ decision to buy. Additionally, it gives you all of the SEO benefits to boost the organic ranking of your site.

Google loves the fresh content of product reviews. The user generated content of your product reviews is keyword-rich and can help your product stand out from the crowd.


The Product Reviews MultiSource and SEO

If you have product reviews collected using another service, we now have TrustBoxes allowing you to display both your existing product reviews together with reviews collected using Trustpilot.

The Product Reviews MultiSource also comes in an SEO version. That means you can display all your great product reviews from both sources, and reap the SEO benefits for your website.

2 - Generate offline marketing material

Getting noticed doesn’t always require the internet.

We’ve put together a collection of material in our Marketing Assets folder just for your offline presence.

In this folder you’ll find eye-catching templates to simply share your Trustpilot successes. Whether you’re making a video, advertisement or poster, the folder contains all you’ll need to display your Trustpilot success story.

Simply log into your Business Portal, click on the Marketing Assets tab on the left side of the page, and you’ll have access to lots of easy-to-use materials to boost your brand’s well-earned reputation.

Don’t forget: any offline use of your reputation is static, so make sure to use a date stamp in your marketing so your customers know when your reputation dates back to.

3 - Get creative with customized review invitations

Did you know that you can customize your invitation template to suit your business branding?

While we provide you with a standard template (which is really nice, by the way), you also have the possibility to unleash your creativity and play around with the text, color and font. Plus you can add your own logo. We’ve even made a nice set of easy-to-follow instructions for you.

Made your own customized template? We’d love to see what you created. Share your thoughts with us here!

4 - Social Sharing

You’ve invited customers to give their feedback. You’ve collected amazing reviews.

So why not share this with the world?

If you’ve got social media accounts for your business, then it’s simple to share your achievements with your followers and beyond. In the Marketing Assets folder on the Business Portal, you’ll find a whole set of social media templates designed to make your posts look good.

5 - Showcase your TrustScore using our TrustBox Widgets

It’s straightforward to share your TrustScore with our plug-and-play TrustBoxes. We have a great selection of easy-to-install TrustBox widgets. Visit our TrustBox Library and select your favorite from our extensive range.

Learn how to get a TrustBox set up on your website here.

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