Google raises Google Seller Ratings threshold from 30 to 150 reviews

Google raises Google Seller Ratings threshold from 30 to 150 reviews

Google has confirmed the amount of reviews needed to qualify for Google Seller Ratings (Google stars) has risen from 30 to 150.

It’s a big change and one that might not be immediately welcome. However, this change presents an opportunity to engage with more of your customers to truly stand above the competition.

Here, we’ve tried to answer all of your questions about what the change means for you and online reviews overall.

What has changed with Google Seller Ratings?
Currently the only change is the number of reviews required for Google Seller Ratings, which has increased from 30 to 150.
We work closely with Google, so we’ll be among the first to update you of any potential Google changes in the future.

Why has Google made this change?
To make Google Seller Ratings more of a competitive differentiator, since companies will need to collect more reviews to qualify for them.
It not only limits the amount of companies who can achieve Google Seller Ratings, it also shows Google’s faith in using the information provided by an open online review community, like Trustpilot.

When will the change begin?
Immediately. In the coming weeks you may notice your Google Seller Ratings disappear while other companies’ may not. This is all part of the process, and the new 150 review benchmark for Google Seller Ratings will be reset and fair for everyone as soon as possible.

We ask that you direct any questions specifically about Seller Ratings to Google during this period.

How will this benefit my business?
Admittedly, making something harder to achieve doesn’t sound encouraging. But we believe this is a positive step for Google, online reviews and your business.

For qualifying companies, the change could show more positive effects than in the past. Consumers can trust the quality of your rating even more – they know it comes from at least 150 individuals’ recommendation of your business.

Also, it means ad competition could lessen as less businesses will be able to qualify for ratings on their ads. That could mean, once you achieve the 150 review benchmark, you stand out a lot more than you did in the past.

What does this mean for online reviews?
It shows just how much of a competitive differentiator customer feedback is.

We’ve always encouraged all companies to collect reviews from all customers, all the time. There’s no real benefit in collecting reviews just to satisfy a benchmark.

Customer trust is easier to build when you have a large, representative reputation. This change encourages you to keep collecting feedback so you can improve your reputation.

And with Trustpilot an approved review provider for these ratings, it shows the belief in our international, open review community of over 20 million reviews of more than 130,000 businesses.

Here’s some next steps for businesses to make the most of this change.

  1. Check in with your Trustpilot Success Manager
    If you’ve collected 150 reviews in the past year, and are averaging a 3.5 star rating or higher (out of 5 stars), you’re in good shape. If you’re concerned that you’re under the benchmark, then please get in touch for tips going forward.
  2. Ramp up your review collection efforts
    We have collected over 20 Million reviews for companies, and we can help you gain the needed 150. You can send Kickstarts (manual invitations to customers), or implement our Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) to automate review collection.

    And by enabling automatic review reminders, you can increase review collection rates by an additional 33%.
  3. Reach out to your Trustpilot Success Manager to discuss best practices for your review collection email template, post-purchase delay time, and other tips to optimize your response rate.

  4. Automate your review collection
  5. If you have a plugin like WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce or Magento, automated review collection is easy.
    Get in touch with your Success Manager or check out one of our simple, step-by-step articles in the Support Center to set-up your integration in ten minutes or less.

    Google Seller ratings drive more traffic to your site, and earning seller ratings is an important step in a review strategy for your business. But it is only the first step.

    Trustpilot offers the tools to leverage customer feedback throughout the entire buyer journey which increases sales, retention, customer engagement, and business insights.

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