How to fit collecting customer feedback into your customer journey

How to fit collecting customer feedback into your customer journey


Trustpilot realized early on that, similar to the snowflake, all customer journeys are unique. We have found that the nature, quality, and amount of feedback your business receives will depend in part on when you ask, how you ask, and at what cadence you remind your customers to provide it.

The sooner your business defines your unique customer experience, the sooner you can pinpoint a methodology for soliciting reviews. 


  “I’m late, I’m late…”

“I’m late, I’m late…”

Here are a few things to consider when analyzing your customer journey, to pinpoint the ideal moment to solicit a review:

  • At what point have customers had enough experience with your company to leave a review?

    • A software company might give their customers three months using their platform before asking for a review, while an ecommerce company specializing in the perfect pair of jeans could ask for feedback immediately after the customer has received the product.

  • In a similar vein, consider this: is reaching out at this point pre-emptive? Have we met our customer’s expectations before asking for something in return?

    • A business providing loans should be careful to ask for reviews only after the loan has been approved. If a prospect has applied for a loan, but doesn’t know yet if they will receive it, it would be premature to ask for a review at that point.  

  • What is the best avenue through which to ask?

    • Your invitation to review could be via email, a form located on-site, or vocally solicited at the end of customer service interactions. For an aggregator, an embedded review form located post-checkout might be the best option, while a retailer might send an email invitation post-sale.  

  • Are reminders appropriate for your customers? Would it be appropriate to remind your customers to leave a review? If so, what would be an optimal cadence?

    • If your customer bought a set of your $1 pencils (Thanks, Dollar Value!), you should send them a reminder close to the time of the initial invitation, so the purchase is still top of mind.

    • However, if you shipped your customer’s beloved puppy across the country, it might be more appropriate to send a review reminder a month after the first invitation, when the family has had ample time to reunite with their pet.  

  • How do you solicit the type of feedback you need?

    • Determine which areas of your business you need feedback on. If you need reviews of your website, trigger the invitation immediately after purchase. If you want reviews of your customer service team, have your representatives trigger an invite post-call.

You might be reviewing these customization options and feeling overwhelmed. I understand, I took the SAT’s twice in high school. Luckily, now as then, there are ample best practices available. In our next blog post, we’ll share the features we’ve developed within our platform to aid you in customization success.

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