Your Complete Product Review Solution for Better SEO and Sales

Your Complete Product Review Solution for Better SEO and Sales

With Trustpilot’s Product Reviews solution, guiding customers to your products and differentiating your products from your competitors' has never been easier.

And with the world’s first easy to implement SEO-focused widget, Trustpilot’s SEO TrustBox for product reviews can help you quickly climb the rankings in paid and organic search.

Here's how product reviews help you and how you can start collecting them today. Let's get started.

  An example of how product reviews can be displayed

An example of how product reviews can be displayed

4 ways Product Reviews can help you

1. Increase sales

The social proof from your product reviews encourages browsers to turn into buyers. The added customer feedback increases customer confidence, thereby lessening the likelihood of cart abandonment.

2. Boost your SEO

Your product reviews will be indexed directly on your product pages and displayed in the SEO TrustBox. Google loves fresh, keyword-rich content like this. This means your user generated content can help you become a stand-out seller.

3. Beat the competition in organic search

With so many valuable reviews for your products, Google can start rewarding Rich Snippet Stars in organic search, giving your products an automatic recommendation over your competitors’.

4. Improve paid search visibility

Trustpilot Product Reviews are syndicated to Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads, giving you more reach than ever before

By collecting both service and product reviews, shoppers have a clearer picture of why you’re a trusted business and what they stand to gain by buying from you.

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How you can collect and display Product Reviews

For all of the benefits, you need Trustpilot Product Reviews. It’s simple to start using them alongside your service reviews today.

Import existing reviews to kickstart your collection

Upload a CSV file of customer details and invite them to reviews your products. Already have product reviews? No problem - you can import your own product reviews or those from another vendor into your Trustpilot Business Account so you can manage all of your feedback in one place.

Also, with our SEO MultiSource TrustBox, your own product reviews you’ve collected and your new Trustpilot Product Reviews can be displayed alongside one another. You’ll earn SEO and Rich Snippets for all of this feedback too.

Make collecting reviews automatic

Use our Automated Collection Service, our Customer API, or any of our apps built for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce to make your review collection as slick and as stress-free as possible.

Showcase your reviews & earn an SEO boost

Install our unique SEO TrustBox with a simple cut and paste of some code and your displayed feedback will start earning you some deserved SEO benefits.

See your product reviews in paid ads on Google

As Trustpilot feeds your review data to Google, you can start seeing persuasive star ratings in your Google Shopping ads and Product Listing Ads.

Build great customer relationships

By responding to reviews and collecting customer feedback, you'll gain valuable insights from this increased customer engagement that can be used to increase sales in the future.

Improve your search engine ranking with the SEO TrustBox

Trustpilot's unique SEO TrustBox needs no complex installation or tricky coding.

Simply add the widget code of the SEO TrustBox where you want it and your fresh product review content is ready to be found by Google.

Within 30 days, Google should start indexing your product review data. Your indexed reviews can give you:

  • An organic results boost: Bringing your products to a bigger audience.
  • Rich snippets in search: Giving customers a clearer incentive to buy.

Setup of the SEO TrustBox can be as quick as 20 minutes. For the benefits you could gain, that's 20 minutes of simple editing well spent.

What our customers have said about Product Reviews

For Australian everyday essentials seller Zodee, product reviews are vital. After all Zodee sell a broad range of items from swimwear, underwear, lingerie, to clothing for the whole family from 150 brands, meaning there are thousands of products on their site.

Getting people to the right product fast is key. That’s where product reviews have really helped.

"Just saying our products are good isn’t really believable,” says Simon Pallister, Managing Director at Zodee.

“Showing real customer reviews that are third-party validated on site is much more convincing and incredibly important. Trustpilot’s Product Reviews solution makes it surprisingly easy to display these reviews on site quickly.”