Be the Best on BigCommerce With the Trustpilot Reviews App

Be the Best on BigCommerce With the Trustpilot Reviews App

Building a credible online reputation to help your BigCommerce store increase conversions and provide great customer service just became easier than ever.

The Trustpilot Reviews App for BigCommerce is the fastest, simplest way to collect customer feedback from new and past customers.

You can collect both service and product reviews with the app without lengthy manual invitations or technical problems.

The app fits seamlessly with BigCommerce and takes just minutes to set up. Once set up, the app triggers Trustpilot review invitations every time a new order is created in your BigCommerce webshop.

With the app, you can:

  • Invite customers to review you on your schedule: invitation delay lets you decide when customers review you.
  • Learn everything about your products and service: reviews for everything, in one place.
  • Build a reputation right away: invite past customers to achieve a trusted reputation right away

And best of all? The app is completely free.


How to install the BigCommerce app

It takes just four simple steps to get started with online reviews. For in-depth information on setting up your app, please see this article in our Support Center.

1. Install the app

Click this link to connect your BigCommerce webshop with Trustpilot and click Get it now.


Once done, install the app and confirm the permissions for the app.


2. Set up your settings

You will now go to a setup page, where you can configure your preferred invitation settings such as Sender Name and Sender Email, the Reply-to-Email and more.

This is also where you can set the delay for review invitations and where you can invite past customers to reviews you.


3. Select your email invitation template

Here’s where you can decide what your review invitation looks like to your customers. This can be changed and edited at any time to try out different looks.


4. Confirm everything is alright

Check your settings and make sure it all looks correct. You’ll be congratulated with a message. To monitor the status of your invitations, go to the Invitation History in your Trustpilot Business Dashboard.


Sit back and watch your reviews come in

And don't forget that you can also very easily display them on your site with one of our TrustBox widgets. Click here for more information on Trustpilot’s TrustBoxes.