Why Online Reviews Give B2B Companies a Competitive Edge

Why Online Reviews Give B2B Companies a Competitive Edge

There’s an abundance of useful information in online reviews that’s useful to you and I, and everyone, in the purchasing journey of anything and everything.

That includes IT services, marketing services, conference venues, and more. Reviews aren’t just for B2C businesses.

In this space, what’s selling everything, yourself included, is your reputation. Here’s why online reviews matter for B2B businesses as much as B2C, especially if you're looking to improve customer service and your customer experience.

Online reviews are credible and objective

A 2015 study found that 91% of consumers1 trust online reviews more than talk from a salesperson.

Today, discovery is just a click away. We’re becoming increasingly cynical and so we look to the most relatable source of information.

In a world where we seek opinions from peers, friends and others - even legends like this2 - online reviews have more influence than ever.

Reviews boost SEO & increase organic traffic

Online reviews provide credibility before people get to your site - that's great as you’re being searched for there, just like everyone else.

With online reviews, you’re receiving a lot more fresh, relevant content than you could ever produce. Search engines notice this and, seeing that you’re active and valuable to people looking for you, deem you better than the competition.

Simply put; online reviews are search engine magic all around.

Reviews best suit a broken buying journey

Today, the buying journey is fragmented. We might see one option, compare another, and then go with option three because someone recommended it.

And that’s fine. As TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat3 says:

“Today, search and the availability of independent social forums and product review sites are fundamentally changing B2B buyers’ research habits.”

So get feedback, display it, and let people know you have it. They can read it and use it to see why you’re the best.

And yes, you might get some negative reviews from time to time. However, one study found4 that numerical review ratings don’t necessarily affect buying decisions; it’s the content of the review that matters most - and how the business has handled things.

Online reviews enhance marketing efforts

The more online reviews you have, the more reputable you are. And with Trustpilot, marketing your reputation is easy.

Trustpilot customers can use simple TrustBoxes at strategic on-site locations to guide people visiting you through the purchasing process while showing your feedback.

Digging a little deeper still, online reviews can actually shape and determine your marketing efforts. Analysis of your reviews reveals trends you should target.

Uses for online reviews are growing

Technology is changing the world at a rapid rate. One area that’s really being revolutionised is online shopping.

Reviews for professional IT services, marketing, and maybe even public services, seems a natural progression. Honest feedback is powering the world, and more transparency means more sales.

The review-lution is bound to continue. We simply don’t know what the future will hold, who will be reviewed, or how. We can make guesses though, and if you’re not collecting feedback now and using it to set you apart, you are at a serious disadvantage.

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