This Is Why Being Part of an SEO-Optimized Online Review Community Matters

This Is Why Being Part of an SEO-Optimized Online Review Community Matters

Today, as we exist in a world of an eight-second attention span1, urgency is something every serious website understands. Being fast online doesn’t just mean customers are attracted in an instant; it also means better SEO2 and a higher search ranking in Google.

With Trustpilot, you don’t have to worry about slow loading pages damaging the SEO of your Trustpilot Profile page or your reviews.

Here’s what our recent improvements mean to you, and how we stack up against the competition.

How fast is Trustpilot?

To answer this question, we used Google PageSpeed3 - a public scoring tool that measures the load speed for a webpage on mobile and desktop based on how well the page performs. The score range is between 0-100.

Currently, hits the following ratings:

It’s not just that’s quick - company profile pages are too. Here are the results:

Customer feedback faster than ever

By being part of Trustpilot, you’re not only part of an open review community of over 20 million reviews, you’re also part of the quickest community out there.

That means you and everyone interested in you don’t have to wait longer than needed for the most up-to-date customer feedback.

Loading time really matters:

  • It helps consumers make quicker judgements on the reputation of a company, and;
  • It helps businesses keep conversions high, as speed increases the SEO benefits and lessens the time between a person researching the reputation of a business and converting.

It’s especially important on mobile devices4 because, as we all know, we’re pretty easily distracted when on the move.

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