Online Reviews Made Easy With Trustpilot's Hootsuite App

Online Reviews Made Easy With Trustpilot's Hootsuite App

Your customers are talking about you right now. Are you listening?

A major area for feedback is social media, and that’s why millions of businesses across the globe use monitoring software like Hootsuite - to track these conversations.

But your customers are also talking about you in online reviews on Trustpilot.

Now we have a new app integration with Hootsuite, helping you monitor Trustpilot reviews in one place, alongside your social media channels.

This means you have an overview of all customer conversations in one place.

  • Reputation management is easier and quicker
  • Sharing reviews to social media is as simple as one click
  • Monitoring multiple Trustpilot domains is done on one screen

And best of all? The app is free for Trustpilot’s Pro and Enterprise customers!

Get the app from Hootsuite


How the Trustpilot app for Hootsuite works

With the app, you can share reviews to one or more social networks, either immediately or on a scheduled date.

You can reply to your reviews via Hootsuite too. And if you want to see how well you’re doing in your online reviews, you can also sort your reviews based on star rating.

All of this not only an effective use of time; it also means you can monitor your customer feedback and quickly reply to reviews all in one place on Hootsuite. Now that’s worth a hashtag #OnlineEfficiency


How to set up the app

Open the Hootsuite App Directory from within your Hootsuite dashboard by going to the launch menu. In there, you can search for the Trustpilot Reviews app and install it.

Once you’ve installed the app, there are just a few steps you need to follow to set it up. For an in-depth tutorial on how it all works, take a look at our How to Hootsuite guide in our Support Center.

If you’ve got any questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can keep improving the app or our other integrations, just leave a comment below.

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