Easily Market Your Reputation With Trustpilot's Marketing Assets

Easily Market Your Reputation With Trustpilot's Marketing Assets

The world isn’t entirely connected yet. We still do business face-to-face. We still provide customer service in person. We still rely on word-of-mouth advertising.

At Trustpilot, we want your trusted reviews to have the biggest impact possible both online and offline. So to make your online reviews tangible and useful across all of your marketing channels, we’ve added a selection of Trustpilot Marketing Assets for Trustpilot customers.

Simply log in to your Trustpilot business account, look for Marketing Assets in the left-hand column, and you’ll find a selection of Trustpilot logos and images you can use to market your reputation. There are also documents giving tips on how to best market your customer satisfaction.

Here are five ideas to help promote your online reputation in the offline world.

1) Use a Trustpilot badge in your ads

Every passer-by is a potential prospect. So if you’re advertising on billboards, on the side of vehicles, or even on company signs outside your office, make sure to communicate how trusted you are with a badge showing your TrustScore.

NOTE: When you use your TrustScore offline, make sure it’s reliable by adding a date stamp to the badge so you’re open about when your reputation was captured.


2) Use your Trustpilot stickers in store

There are plenty of in-store opportunities to drive customer awareness of your reputation and reviews. Use Trustpilot stickers on the front door of your office, on the doormat, on the shelves, behind the counter - anywhere you can think to show customers that you’re open to online reviews.

  Examples of the Trustpilot sticker designs

Examples of the Trustpilot sticker designs


3) Show your reputation after purchase

Some receipts have just enough space to include a TrustScore or a link to your Trustpilot profile page. By doing this you show that, even after purchase, connecting with your customers matters to you.

Or perhaps you have a voucher scheme for paying customers. It’s simple to include your reputation there too, just like Albelli have done. Don’t forget to include a date stamp next to your TrustScore too.


4) Sticker on your packaging

Packaging is a prime opportunity to show off your reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction. Why not put a Trustpilot sticker on the packaging, showing that you’re open to customer feedback? It’s a simple way to show your commitment to feedback while humbly bragging about your solid reputation.

To learn how to do it properly, read our brand guidelines in our Support Center.

5) Staff clothing

Let your store staff literally become walking billboards; a simple addition of a badge on caps, t-shirts, lanyards and so on drives home how trusted you are.

You can also frame a photo of your Customer Service Team with a few highlights and quotes from customer reviews. All of these small actions show you’re an approachable business, ready to take on all feedback and evolve the customer experience.

Don’t forget: any offline use of your reputation is static, so make sure to use a date stamp in your marketing so your customers know when your reputation dates back to. Read our full guidelines before using Trustpilot offline.

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