Why SaleCycle's Partnership With Trustpilot Is a Natural Fit

Why SaleCycle's Partnership With Trustpilot Is a Natural Fit

"We only partner with companies which have the same high technology standard as our own," says Jack Ford, Marketing Manager at SaleCycle.

Sounds demanding, but SaleCycle need to be.

A leading email and on-site remarketing company, SaleCycle helps marketers from all over the world reconnect with their customers.

Speed and efficiency is essential. Marketers at all businesses need to reach the customers they’re retargeting with the most relevant content right away, otherwise the trail goes cold.

And that’s where Trustpilot steps in.

SaleCycle is a Trustpilot partner. In a nutshell, SaleCycle clients who subscribe to Trustpilot can enhance their SaleCycle remarketing tools with Trustpilot’s reputation tools, such as the TrustScore.

Together, SaleCycle and Trustpilot ensure remarketing efforts have maximum impact right away. Here’s why it works.

'Too good to pass up'

“Including a brand's TrustScore in an email is a very obvious way of illustrating a brand's reputation,” says Jack.

“Being able to communicate the value of the TrustScore on a brand’s website through email marketing is an obvious win.”

As Jack explains, it was actually a client of SaleCycle who came up with the idea to use their TrustScore in their remarketing campaigns.

“One of our clients asked about the possibility of leveraging their social proof in their remarketing, to see if this would have an effect on the conversions they saw from their email remarketing campaigns,” Jack explains.

“Once we started to talk to Trustpilot about what could be achieved using the Trustpilot API, we realised how easy it is to integrate with our email remarketing solution.

April Forsyth, SaleCycle’s Technical Partner Manager, added: “The opportunity to partner with a respected brand like Trustpilot to provide our clients with extra value in their email remarketing was just too good to pass up!”

The value of trust

SaleCycle noticed that the talk of online reviews entered more and more of their client’s conversations. It’s no surprise when research shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews.

“For us at SaleCycle, with more and more online brands using customer reviews for their products and services, it's crucial to ensure that online reviews are included in remarketing emails, not just online,” says Jack.

“By partnering with an online review website, we are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and prospective clients.”

The future

Looking ahead, Jack hopes Trustpilot and SaleCycle can continue to work together to enhance remarketing efforts of all kinds.

“Trustpilot is a very easy partner to work with, so we'd love to have Trustpilot featuring within more mutual clients’ remarketing campaigns,” Jack says.

“We'd also like to utilise the integration within our other products such as on-site remarketing.”

And what’s the future for SaleCycle? What’s coming up to help their customers remarket?

“We've just launched the world's first SMS remarketing campaign and, with the recent launch of post purchase remarketing solutions, a range of possibilities have opened up for brands wanting to cross-sell, up-sell or introduce life-cycle based email marketing,” Jack says.

“Today, there are lots of solutions and technologies making it possible for clients to get their remarketing campaigns up and running even quicker and easier than before.”

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