Intoxalock Uses Trustpilot to Stay True to Its Customer Service Mission

Intoxalock Uses Trustpilot to Stay True to Its Customer Service Mission

Intoxalock guarantees sober driving through the installation and use of ignition interlock devices. These devices calculate breath alcohol levels by integrating a fuel-cell based breathalyzer within a vehicle’s ignition system, testing the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the driver before allowing the vehicle to start. Intoxalock’s clients include state-mandated and voluntary users of its technology. Their customers all have one quality in common: they’re taking steps to increase their safety and/or that of their loved ones. Intoxalock’s mission is simple: help people live and drive responsibly.

Business objective
In 2013, Intoxalock found itself going through an identity crisis. Branded at the time as Consumer Safety Technology (CST), the company’s customer call wait times were extended and support resources were stretched thin. “We were in a period of adjustment. We wanted our new brand name of Intoxalock to stand for outstanding customer service but we weren’t sure at that time how that would be defined by our customers,” explained Leslie Gibbs, Chief Marketing Officer at Intoxalock. “Many people who are mandated to have this type of device are in a situation where they are nervous, they don’t know the process and they need answers. We wanted to be the friendly voice at the other end of the call, take some of the stress out of the situation and get them back on the road as quickly as possible.”

Intoxalock decided to surrender its new brand identity to its customers by asking for a review after each installation. Most companies hesitate to ask each customer for a review, but Intoxalock wanted a true representation of the experience they were providing, not just a few highlights from happy customers. In particular, Intoxalock wanted reviews to help:

  • Allow customers to rate and comment on the level of customer service they receive

  • Recognize and reward top Customer Service advocates

  • Identify customer pain points and improve policies to show that no complaint goes unanswered

The criteria
Intoxalock knew that a review program provided an opportunity to listen to and resolve its customers’ concerns as quickly as possible. After considering options for collecting and applying customer feedback, Intoxalock selected Trustpilot in the fall of 2014. Using Trustpilot, Intoxalock asks every one of its customers to rate and review their personal experience with the product and the service center. The company also integrated the Trustpilot API on its homepage to highlight its overall TrustScore and display a live feed of customer reviews.


The result: Intoxalock embraces the social customer service opportunity
Intoxalock’s employees are motivated and inspired as a result of receiving real-time feedback about their service and they respond enthusiastically to seeing customers leaving reviews about positive support experiences. Intoxalock uses Trustpilot to identify and reward top Customer Service advocates by measuring which agents have received the most five-star customer ratings each month. Customer feedback also helps Intoxalock’s product management team improve product and update policies, improving the process of installing an ignition interlock.

“We’re in a period of time where customer service is a spectator sport. Online reviews invite prospects to monitor your users’ feedback, as well as your ability to respond to support requests and make a positive impression on your customers ... Our customers take their experiences to the Web and share them with thousands of people every day. Many companies find that threatening, but we see it as an opportunity and we embrace it. I’m proud to work for a company that helps so many people, and Trustpilot helps us honor that commitment.”
— Leslie Gibbs
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