Trustpilot Culture Series: Constantly Curious

Trustpilot Culture Series: Constantly Curious

In this series, we’ll introduce the seven core competencies that each Trustie embodies. We will dive into what they mean to us here at Trustpilot, and how they impact our organization as we continue to grow.

In our previous post from the Trustpilot Culture Series, we spoke about our first quality that we look for in Talent: Trusting the Troop. We spoke about how collaboration and working as a team was crucial to our short and long term success. Like any growing company, we rely on innovation at all levels to ensure that we are approaching things in the best and most creative/effective ways possible. Which leads to our second crucial characteristic: Constantly Curious.

Curiosity is what  encourages people to question the norm and to seek different ways of doing things. It keeps innovation rolling, and the wheels constantly turning in a developing brain. With the opening of our Denver office on the horizon, we are reinforcing this with our current Trusties so that we ensure we move into the unknown prepared to uncover and learn as much as we can. How do we define being Constantly Curious here at Trustpilot? It comes down to five things:

  • Always learning. Always growing: The saying goes that if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. There is no such thing as being stagnant. We encourage development of all kinds with our current and future Trusties, whether that is attending a Social Selling seminar, a SCRUM Master bootcamp, or Excel training for those who haven’t quite mastered that yet. Not to mention the career path development that we are currently building out internally. If you are investing your time and skills with us, we will invest in you to grow those skills down the road.

  • Remains agile and open-minded: Part of the reason we know that we will have a strong start in Denver is because we have a team of devoted Trusties in NYC who have decided to take a chance and move out there to build that office with us. A couple have never even been to the area before, but they are agile to try new things, and they embrace being outside their comfort zone to grow and learn.

  • Flexible, and knows the only constant is change: Change is not the enemy! Change is refreshing, and when you’re in growth mode with a long road ahead, you know that you will need to change course from time to time. We are constantly re-assessing what we do to ensure that we are being as effective as we possibly can be. This is where innovation is born.

  • Accelerates growth and optimizes potential: You’re impatient to be better. You have a goal ahead of you that you are striving to hit, and you will pivot your process as much as you need to achieve what you want to achieve when you want to achieve it. When you hit it, you set another one and make sure you do everything you can to blow it out of the water.

  • Owns success: No one and nothing is responsible for your success other than you. We will give you the tools and resources, and you will have the freedom to make the most of your experience here to define your own success - whatever that means for you.

By keeping your curiosity alive, you will be in a position to take advantage of a ton of opportunity in front of you. We are still at the level where there is a lot of opportunity to build and optimize - nothing is set in stone. By hiring people who have a constant curiosity, we are bringing in the future leaders of this company - and we have the tools where they can take advantage of that and win together.