It’s All in the Data:  See How Reviews can Improve Your Business

It’s All in the Data: See How Reviews can Improve Your Business

We’re well on our way through 2016’s first quarter and with that comes analysis, strategic planning and budget allocation for the coming year. If you’re trying to implement a new ‘Voice of the Customer’ program -- or even improve your existing customer feedback strategy -- then look no further. We’ve already done the research to support your conversation about customer feedback.

What Are Consumers Talking About in Reviews?

Globally, we help our customers accumulate over 500,000 reviews per month - which is quite a lot of user generated content to sift through.  For the purposes of this project, we looked at a smaller subset to provide more specific insights.  Here are the details of the reviews we pulled:

  • 70,000 reviews in total

  • US-based websites only

  • Posted between November 26th and December 26th, 2015

We identified common data trends and compiled key insights to help you enhance your customers’ experiences, improve business processes and increase conversions.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Not surprisingly, ‘Service’ was the most common keyword used in our community’s feedback.  The term ‘Service’ was referenced in nearly 20% of the reviews we analyzed. Other trends we saw in consumer reviews included references to website experience and the experiences of shopping on a mobile device.  It’s an important reminder of how users are increasingly using mobile to make purchases.

Key Takeaways:

Connecting with your customers at multiple touch points throughout their shopping experience is of paramount importance.  Companies need to provide ease of use across all devices to ensure a positive buyer’s journey.  But improving the buying experience across all of your company's platforms won’t be simple. You have to ask your company the right questions, such as:

  • Have we equipped our customer service people with the right tools to engage with customers?  

  • Do we have the right balance of customer support representatives to handle off-peak and peak times?  

  • Are there multiple ways for customers to reach us - email, chat, phone?

  • When are customers most likely to request assistance?  Do we need to adjust our hours of availability?

  • Are all of methods of communication optimized across all devices (iPad, smartphone, desktop)?

Improving Business Processes

Our study reaffirmed what we already know - consumers want to feel confident they will receive the product or service purchased from the seller in a timely manner. That last part is key: we saw that reviewers don’t just want their goods, they want them now. Adjectives frequently used with the word ‘Delivery’ included ‘Fast’, ‘Quickly’ and ‘Timely’. In a similar vein, a study by Temando, an intelligent shipping and software company, shows that 80% of shoppers want retailers to offer same-day shipping but only 53% of retailers do.

Key Takeaways:

Consumers expect goods undamaged, and on time. With the birth of Amazon Prime, delivery must also be free, same day and/or ahead of the company’s projected delivery window. So how can you meet these time-sensitive expectations?

  • Data mine your customer feedback to uncover weak points in the delivery process where improvements can be made.

  • If a particular product will take a longer average shipping time, inform the customer pre-purchase instead of waiting to notify them at checkout.

  • If you can’t offer free and/or same day delivery on all goods, then identify a subset of products that would qualify for free shipping, either by a certain price point or the most popular products, and promote that offer.

  • You can also take inspiration from companies like Peapod, OfficeDepot, Macy’s and Nordstrom - just a few of the many retailers offering the option for customers to ‘buy online & pick up in store’. This eliminates shipping costs and puts the customer in control of when they will receive their goods.

Increasing Conversions

Based on our data, we know that the most frequently used terms in customer feedback are: ‘Service’, ‘Website’, ‘Mobile’ and ‘Delivery’.  When aggregating your customers’ feedback, take the time to determine which themes are popping up frequently, and address these concerns.  Just like PurpleBricks, you can use these new insights to help build trust with your consumer base, customize your digital advertising and increase conversions. 


Key Takeaways:

  • The frequently used keywords we’ve shared are based on 70,000 reviews and encompass all industries.  In order to customize insights to your specific consumer base, data mine all of your customer feedback.

  • Once you’ve aggregated the data, you can implement customer feedback within the the copy of your ads to display your consumer-verified strengths as a company.

  • A/B test to see which ads are top-performing, optimize and measure accordingly.


Customer feedback is a great untapped source of user-generated content and we know that it has helped many of our clients make informed business decisions, improving the health of their company.

We hope our findings help you uncover and utilize your customers’ feedback to:

  • Improve your customers’ buying experiences by ensuring a seamless mobile platform and optimizing customer service hours to your consumer base.

  • Streamline business processes - particularly decisions around speed of delivery, and consider alternatives, for example ‘buy online, pickup in store’.

  • Increase conversions by featuring positive reviews in digital advertising, potentially leading to an improved click through rate and higher shopping cart conversions.

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