Trustpilot Culture Series: Trust the Troop

Trustpilot Culture Series: Trust the Troop

In this series, we’ll introduce the seven core competencies that each Trustie embodies. We will dive into what they mean to us here at Trustpilot, and how they impact our organization as we continue to grow.

At Trustpilot, we’re in the midst of a continuous building process. We’re building a better product for all of our users, a global company with ambitious, long-term goals, and a team of people who can make all of these dreams a reality.

The most important part of our roles here in Talent is making sure we’re on a path that will help us bring in the best and the brightest for every team here. We speak with people from all walks of life. We’re responsible for ensuring that each person we introduce to our hiring teams has the fundamental qualities and values that have made our existing team of Trusties so successful. Since being founded in 2007, we’ve grown to over 500 employees across five global offices, with our sixth office opening in Denver in the spring. It’s a big group of people from all sorts of different countries and cultures, but each person embodies the qualities that make our Trusties great and unified, no matter which office or role they may be in.

Trusting the Troop is the first competency we look for because the mix of collaboration and a conscious effort to make others successful is crucial to our success. So, what exactly does “Trust the Troop” mean at Trustpilot? For us, it boils down to five things:

  • Collaboration: Every Trustie plays a vital role in growing our company. We learn from each other, and we know that if we’re the smartest person in the room, we’re in the wrong room. We know collaboration is key and without it, we fall.

  • Team player with a shared drive to succeed: Sales can sometimes be a very individualized career path where  the main focus is raking in revenue or commissions. But our sales team has a saying: “Sales is a team sport.” We know that we need to lean on each other to push deals forward, uncover new contacts, and provide the ultimate value to every new and existing customer that we work with.

  • Advocates for others:  Winning is a team effort at Trustpilot. We celebrate every win together because we’re all working towards the same goal.

  • Remains proactive: You’re always three strategic steps ahead. Anticipating roadblocks in a plan is a key skill, no matter what your role. Fail fast but get up and try again.

  • Think like a team - always: You know your team as well as you know yourself. You’re so ingrained with the way they operate that you anticipate when they’re going to need you before they even realize it. Every person adds to the team dynamic, so keep it strong, keep it real, and keep it going!

Trusting the Troop. It’s the reason one of us can walk into any Trustpilot office and know that we’re all on the same team. That we all belong, and that we are all going places. Together.