The first ever Trustpilot customer event: A taste for reviews

The first ever Trustpilot customer event: A taste for reviews

In a marketing landscape where we so often hear, “Content is king.” it was refreshing to hear who has been crowned the new king of our marketing monarchy; the customer.

As we stepped onto the film-like set of the restaurant known as the Bouley Test Kitchen, guests were greeted with an unfamiliar, yet inviting space, invoking our palates to breathe in the creative and insightful nature of the night.

With a beautiful array of wonderful people gathered, a gorgeous setting, and top-notch beverages in hand we were ready to begin “A Taste for Reviews.”

It is important to us as a company to not only make the voice of the customer our top priority, but to celebrate the successes of our own customers, in an environment where our appetites for knowledge and experimental cuisine would be quenched.

Our CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann was clearly humbled by the opportunity to be surrounded by our customers, speaking to the crowd about the potency of transparency in all business measures, particularly in the online review space. As he mentioned in his opening chat,“transparency is critical for growth and the future of brand success.”

We then sat down to hear from our first speaker of the night, Erica Javellana, the Speaker of the House from Zappos. She spoke in depth about Zappos' journey towards achieving sterling customer service, and how much care and thought they put into each and every transaction. According to Erica, “Zappos is really a service company that just happens to sell shoes.” An adage we should all be fortunate enough to structure our customer service model around. While we thought the scents and subtle sounds of mouthwatering creations would keep us distracted from the content, the audience was remarkably engaged, and many guests went on to have inspiring one-on-one conversations with her throughout the rest of the night. (Thank you Erica!)

Then came the Customer Panel represented by Matt Sand, VP of Marketing from ThriftBooks, Drew Stadler, Head of Happiness at BOMBAS, Henry Posner, Director of Communication at B&H Photo, Ian MacDonald, Director of eCommerce at Silver Star Brands and the infamous Jordan Garner, Director of Customer Success. Together these companies represent over 250K reviews on Trustpilot and over 700K Facebook likes.

Our very own Jonathan Hinz did a fantastic job moderating one of the most engaging and conversation-inspiring panels that we have ever been lucky enough to have been a part of.

As a company that values trust and transparency, it felt incredible to be able to practice what we preach, by not only sharing thoughts and opinions in the open, but also witness the transparency of the culinary masterpieces being sculpted from bare ingredients to works of art. A loving thank you to our amazing guests and speakers. We look forward to our second customer event in the future.

Below you fill find the roughly two minute highlight reel of the event.

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