The September High Flyer Award goes to...Driver Support!

The September High Flyer Award goes to...Driver Support!

Diagnose. Resolve. Optimize.

At the core of Driver Support's business model are the three words above. Driver Support works to provide an ingenious way to pinpoint PC problems, resolving any issues through support and driver matching technology thus optimizing your PC's performance.

With over 4 million users, Driver Support has been helping its customers diagnose and troubleshoot computer issues since 1996. But it's not their 4 million users that got them this prestigious award, it's their 9.1 TrustScore, nearly 80% 5-Star ratings, and over one thousand reviews!

Regarding the partnership between Trustpilot and Driver Support, James Whiteis, VP of Operations from Driver Support had this to say:

Trustpilot has given us the ability to continually improve customer satisfaction through real-time analytics. Helping us create lifelong customers.

And check out what some thrilled customers had to say about Driver Support:

I must say I was skeptical at first; not knowing if I could trust an unknown entity with my computer (you never know nowadays). But once I made the commitment, I was very happy with the speed and thoroughness of Driver Support. In a matter of minutes, all my drivers were updates and running at top speed! Thank you! - Daniel H.
Security is at its best! And moreover, it is very wonderful to use it. I surely recommend this software to every PC owner. - Natale D.

To celebrate their dedication toward customer service, we followed through with our tradition of throwing them a party in Trustpilot fashion. Below you'll see some pictures from the event. Want to learn more about how you can become a future High Flyer? Contact our team today, and be sure to stay up to date with our blog and High Flyers by signing up below.

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