Trustpilot's trust and transparency trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trustpilot's trust and transparency trek [INFOGRAPHIC]

"In a world full of customer feedback, one online review platform ensures anyone can say what they want, when they want to."

Dramatic? Perhaps. But it's true - we value trust and transparency above everything else. Maintaining an open dialogue between businesses and consumers is the only way to help improve shopping experiences.

We've boiled down our most important methods of assuring trust into a neat infographic. Check it out!

Infographic (text only version)

At Trustpilot, we encourage all customers to share their shopping experiences by having an open review community.

  • 500,000 reviews per month are posted on Trustpilot, amplifying our position as the online standard for trust.

  • A small percentage of reviews posted are flagged as suspicious. To protect our open platform, we choose to fight these reviews rather than gating our open community.

How do we do it keep Trustpilot running well? With our technology, our team, and our community of customers and businesses.

Trustpilot power

The powerful Compliance Engine software identifies and alerts our team to fraudulent reviews.

  • 30 Compliance Team agents investigate into reviews to support our software. We also monitor and report ads from solicitors of fabricated reviews.
  • 20,000 reviews are investigated each month using this combined technology and team power we have in place.
  • We post Consumer Alerts on company pages to flag businesses who may be trying to mislead consumers. We also terminate contracts with those who do not comply with our guidelines.

Consumer power

We view every aspect of our business from the customers’ vantage point and engage with our community to help us on our crusade to fight fraudulent behavior.

  • Both consumers and businesses can flag reviews if they feel they do not comply with our guidelines - our team takes it from there to investigate each and every single flagged review.
  • We encourage anyone who notices fraudulent behaviour on our platform to contact us directly for further assessment. After all, the customer is king in today’s shopping landscape.

And this is exactly why we started Trustpilot: to improve shopping experiences for everyone.

Want to know more? Our blog post The Power of Open tells all!

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