Guest blog: Why reviews are important to the design of our success

Guest blog: Why reviews are important to the design of our success

Since joining as a Trustpilot partner, Nu Image Design have advised their clients to collect online reviews. And, as Rhiannon Chisholm explains, it's some of the best advice around.

Making a break in the tourism industry is tough. There are so many options out there, it’s tough to know where to turn. Or who to trust.

And that’s why online reviews are important , as we recently explained to one of our clients.

Nu Image Design is an online marketing agency working with clients from a range of industries, including the one we mentioned above, which deals with boating and waterside cottage holidays.

It’s not that the review process was alien to our client; they’d been asking customers to complete feedback forms since they opened.

The only problem was that this feedback was not being displayed. That was a shame - the feedback was credible, and good too.

How Trustpilot stepped in for Nu Image Design

So we suggested:

“Why not try out an independent online review platform?”

With the prevalence of 'word of mouth' in the internet age , it’s easier than ever to hear what your customers think, to get to know your customers, and to let your customers cover some of your corporate marketing with their feedback.

Not only did Trustpilot fill the void for online boating holiday reviews, which the client needed to display, but it also appeased the client’s initial reservations, "What if the reviews are bad? How can I control who leaves a review?"

Trustpilot made it easy to understand. We were able to say with confidence that negative reviews could be responded to, along with positive ones, and that customers who had used the service would be invited to leave a review via an email invitation from the client.

The value of having a customer review opportunity is indisputable. Customers who have had a positive experience will boost your profile and undoubtedly encourage others to purchase your product or service.

In a world where customer feedback is king, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trustpilot to future clients.



Rhiannon Chisholm is a content marketer specialising in website copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media management. Blog edited by Trustpilot’s Ashley Scrace.

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