CitizenShipper improves conversion rates by increasing consumer confidence

CitizenShipper improves conversion rates by increasing consumer confidence

Spring cleaning has a new partner: CitizenShipper. It's a trusted shipping platform to get your bulky goods out of your house and wherever they need to go.

CitizenShipper aims to connect shipping customers with couriers and transport providers, by linking people who have difficult-to-move items with people who can do the transportation.

Typical things shipped through CitizenShipper include furniture, pets, boats, motorcycles, apartments and much more. Anyone willing to use their vehicle for transport can join the site and bid to win customers' requests for shipments.


  • Growing online shipment requests by reducing consumer hesitation
  • Differentiating their business by displaying trustworthiness and reliability
  • Providing customers and drivers with a way to provide feedback and improve retention rates

The work and results

Increased consumer confidence 

CitizenShipper worked with Trustpilot to collect reviews and host them on their PPC landing page and homepage. Through Trustpilot, they are empowering their happy customer base to do their marketing for them. Now prospective customers can be directed to real customer testimonials to put their minds at ease and give them the confidence needed to continue in the purchase process.

Increased conversion rates on PPC landing pages

After A/B testing multiple Trustpilot widgets on a PPC landing page, they selected the TrustBox Carousel, as it had the highest conversion rate - an increase of 33% to be exact, tested with 95% confidence.

Improved business operations 

CitizenShipper’s business model also heavily relies on the retention of highly qualified drivers. To ensure this, they leverage reviews to gain important insights from drivers and fix any issues.  For example, when they received feedback from drivers that they were receiving too many email notifications, CitizenShipper listened and moved toward fewer but more effective email communications. This improvement, while minor, has helped ensure their drivers are happy and efficient.