5 Simple Tips to Improve Your After Sales Process

You probably heard of this before: Companies are spending so much money trying to acquire new customers that they forget about servicing the customers they already have. By taking care of your customers in the after sales process you can dramatically increase the chances that they will buy from you again or recommend you to friends and family. Learn from these 5 simple tips to improve your after sales process.


If you are in eCommerce, I would bet that one thing matters more than anything – yes, even more than coffee – when you get into the office in the morning: Checking up the latest sales numbers. How many new sales got in yesterday? Did the conversion rates improve? Are the SEM campaigns working? It’s all related to getting new customers to convert.

However, customer service and the entire after sales process is often underrated in eCommerce. And there are lots of simple things you can do to improve the chances that a customer will get back to you or refers your business to a friend. I asked David Salerno – a specialist in customer interactions with more than 35 years of experience from the jewelry industry – about his best advice for improving the after sales process.

Here are David’s top 5 tips for improved after sales:

Tip #1 – Personalise your shipment:
For small businesses selling goods online, you can include a hand written thank you note addressing the customer by name when you ship your merchandise. Let this customer know they mean more to you than just another sale.

Tip #2 – Ask your customer for feedback:
When you let your customer know that their opinion is important to you they will be more inclined to feel like an individual with thoughts and feelings, rather than just another customer. Don’t ask for their feedback to improve your “score” or reputation, rather ask for their feedback because you are genuinely interested in what they think.

Tip #3 – Stay in contact with your customers:
Contact your customer immediately upon payment confirmation and thank them for their purchase. Stay in touch with them through the whole process. Contact them again when you ship their merchandise. Estimate the approximate time their package is scheduled to arrive and contact them to make sure their package was delivered safe and sound, and to see if they have any questions about their merchandise. When customers see that you aren’t forgetting them as soon as they have paid for their purchase they will realise you are passionate about your product and service and that you genuinely want them to be satisfied shopping with you.

Tip #4 – Give your customer an incentive to shop with you again:
If you are serious about your business and you are in it for the long haul, then you will do everything you can to foster repeat business. Nothing tells a customer that you appreciate them more than offering them a “gift” or a discount to shop with you again.

Tip #5 – Treat each customer as if they were your very first: 
Today’s buying public is more knowledgeable and sophisticated than ever before. Most of them can tell instinctively how you feel about them. They don’t want to feel like they are dealing with a huge corporation and that they are simply an invoice filed away somewhere and forgotten. They want to be known and appreciated for shopping with you. Don’t try so hard to portray yourself as some huge professional organisation. If you are the sole owner of a small company be proud of it and let them know exactly who you are. Most customers prefer buying from a small business owner just trying to make an honest living than buying from a muti-billion dollar corporation.

On a final note: The whole idea of writing this article came from a discussion on the LinkedIn group backed by Trustpilot – Reputation Management in eCommerce. If you are not already a member, please join us. Lots of great advice and articles are shared there.

And naturally, if you have a good tip for improved after sales, feel free to share it using the comments.

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