3 vital questions to ask yourself before the online review trip

3 vital questions to ask yourself before the online review trip

‘Holidays to Istanbul’: three words generating approximately 60 million results. Many results are blogs, but a large slice are travel companies offering trips.

How can a choice be made?

Well, it’s actually simple. What I’m looking for is word-of-mouth affirmation. I look to reviews of customers for that validity.

A few minutes later, I’m all booked (I’ve shared some pictures with you in this blog).

Reviews are a great way to gauge how you’re doing, who your competitors are, and where they are beating you. Miss out on reviews, miss out on business.

1. How important are online reviews today?

  The Istanbul skyline from the ferry –   a trip recommended by reviews.

The Istanbul skyline from the ferry – a trip recommended by reviews.

Very. Let’s explain why.

US research claims there are 24 million online stores globally. After a while, offers become similar. But reputations? They vary, and they make or break a business.

A quarter of travellers use digital technology to access advice and suggestions from people who have been to the same destination previously. More than 33% of travellers say recommendations from review sites are the most influential factor when booking a holiday. Almost 14% of these travellers say they’re prompted to book thanks to online

Trustpilot offers an easy way for you to show your reputation, and an easy way for customers to contribute to it. And don’t worry about negative reviews – 75% of reviews are positive.

2. Why is joining an online review platform good value?

 Another trip fellow travellers reviewed, this time to the tallest building in Istanbul.

Another trip fellow travellers reviewed, this time to the tallest building in Istanbul.

First off, the exposure gains are worth it. With Trustpilot’s online review data being fed to major search engines (Google, and Bing and Yahoo) your review data could see you climb the search engine rankings, and earn simple seller ratings to boot.

Secondly, it’s a cost-effective way to connect with your customers. Over 70% of travellers today book trips online. With feedback from customers, you can build long-lasting relationships.

Finally, Trustpilot charges no commission if customers click your website through us. We’re here to show the level of trust in a company, not put together travel packages. So a potential customer finds your Trustpilot profile page, sees your reputation, and clicks through to your site. It diverts traffic and already happy customers directly to you.

Keep customers happy and the presence online is invaluable. And guess what? At Trustpilot, our basic package is free. Yes, free. You can take a look at it today if you like.

3. Can I analyse the feedback to change my business?

What use would feedback be if you could not put it into action? At Trustpilot, we’ve got a range of analysis tools to help you analyse the feedback you get from your customers, so you can pinpoint exactly how to keep your customers coming back for more.

It just leaves one question from us to you: Why not embrace online reviews today?

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