Magento Trustpilot Users: Boost Your Conversions with Product Reviews

Magento Trustpilot Users: Boost Your Conversions with Product Reviews

Collecting product reviews using the new Trustpilot Magento plugin is an essential step to creating the trust
modern shoppers demand.


If your business uses Trustpilot, then you're probably already aware of the benefits seller reviews bring in terms of creating trust for their brand. However, customers research brands and products as part of their pre-purchase process. That’s why Trustpilot introduces Product Reviews, helping sellers meet this need.

Magento users can start collecting product reviews in minutes using our easy plugin - no developer skills needed!

Why are product reviews so important?

There are four reasons Magento users should seriously consider implementing Trustpilot product reviews: 

1. Discover what customers think of your products

The only way to decide whether your products are delivering against expectations is to ask customers for feedback. Positive or negative, this feedback will help define whether your offerings are up to standard. This information can also be used to improve products and services, and as an opportunity to demonstrate outstanding customer service. 

2. Listen to your customers and address issues

No matter how great your product is, someone, somewhere, is going to have a problem with it. And then they will want to talk to someone about it. Collecting product reviews allows you to control and manage that conversation, providing a central point from which to encourage conversation and gather useful feedback. It helps you receive feedback in one place, rather than catching up with criticism on social media.

You can also get an SEO boost if you integrate the SEO TrustBox showing product reviews on your site. Unlike seller reviews, which are hosted on Trustpilot, product reviews are hosted on your site. Google loves the fresh, user-generated content. 

3. Attract new customers

Product reviews are now an essential part of the online shopping process for consumers. In some industries customers spend up to 82% of the product research process reading reviews, according to research from Sites that do not offer product reviews are at a disadvantage to competitors that do. Without product reviews on-site, you’re less likely to catch the attention of online shoppers in the research phase of the buying cycle. By adopting product reviews, your conversions are likely to increase.

4. Build trust and increase sales

Online shoppers want to know that products are going to meet their needs before they commit to a purchase. By collecting and displaying product reviews, brands can quickly establish social proof that their products deliver (or exceed) customer expectations. This in turn will help to drive new sales. (Product reviews are also recommended to retailers trying to reduce returns - because customers are more likely to understand what they’re getting.)

Where the real power is

Collecting seller or product reviews in isolation is unlikely to provide the uplift in sales. Because shoppers investigate sellers and products, businesses need to be able to collect and display both types of reviews.

The new Magento plugin takes just minutes to set up. So what are you waiting for?!

Key points

The new Magento plugin from Trustpilot allows brands to:

  • Collect product reviews from customers.
  • Build a complete social proof portfolio for products and services.
  • Improve online visibility as customers search for products.
  • Display product reviews in our product TrustBox, the SEO TrustBox.
  • Drive sales upwards as customers find the social proof they need.

Check out our Product reviews video now! If you’re ready to find out more, call your account manager for more information.

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