Just ‘Google It’: Why That’s Not Always the Only Advice Anymore

Just ‘Google It’: Why That’s Not Always the Only Advice Anymore

With so many search engines to choose from in 2015, find out why focusing your marketing across the range this year can only bring great results.

The fact that the phrase ‘Google it’ has entered everyday language shows just how Google has dominated the search engine market for many years - and for good reason. However, Google is not the only search engine out there. Bing and Yahoo are also on the block, along with a host of others.

Google’s competitors, some new and some once forgotten, have risen to the challenge of providing the most relevant search engine results.

A real contest for search engine bragging rights is unfolding. For your business, the benefit of this battle is that your marketing efforts enter a diverse, competitive marketplace - one where Trustpilot reviews have outstanding visibility. Understand all your options and you’re sure to reach a number of different audiences in different locations and across different devices. Master the diversity, master your success. 

Bing and Yahoo: a great union

It’s perhaps been a while since Yahoo even entered your mind as a search engine alternative. However, with their partnership with Bing, search results are now shared between the two brands. For online vendors, it’s like having two search engine giants rolled into one super engine - a giant one which has over 29% of the US search engine market share. The result is a greater audience.

With over 250 million worldwide visitors per month, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! are impressive search engines.

Now Trustpilot’s reviews are visible across the Bing, Yahoo! and Google networks, that’s 96.7% of the search engine market covered in the United States (US).

Apple’s iOS is not completely Google-bound

With the release of iOS 7, Apple continued to step away from Google by ensuring all Siri personal assistant voice searches are now powered by Bing.

There’s no doubt about it - Google is still the major search engine in the US. However, Google’s contract with Apple as Safari’s default search engine on all iPods, iPhones and iPads is up for negotiation in 2015. Perhaps another provider will fill their shoes? After all, this means millions of searches from Apple products are already not using Google.

Maximize your exposure across the alternatives. 

Mozilla’s new default

After a decade together, Mozilla announced in November 2014 that its agreement to use Google as the default search engine provider through Firefox was up. Right now, Firefox searches in the US are powered by default through Yahoo.

Mozilla’s share of the web-browser market, through Firefox, is just under 12%, thanks to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominance - again, another browser automatically searching via Bing. However, the Google-Firefox change is still important for two reasons.

  • Firstly, people who do use Firefox are most likely to find a site via Bing in future.
  • Secondly, the change proves that Google is not unbeatable. Other web services, including Apple, could follow suit and change default search provider in future too. 

Bing introduces seller ratings

For several years, Google has offered "seller ratings" in their search results to help users to choose a reputable vendor for their shopping. These ratings adjust over time as Google tries to prevent sellers from "gaming" the system - the reason that Trustpilot, with its verified sales system, is a chosen provider of such data.

Microsoft’s Bing has recently introduced a similar program called "merchant ratings". Learning from Google's example, Bing has chosen to use Trustpilot as its source of trusted, genuine reviews and ratings.

The time is now to therefore capitalize on the alternatives. Google Seller Ratings are still extremely important, but coming up in a close second is Bing Merchant Ratings - something Trustpilot is now actively working with to ensure greater coverage of open and honest business, like yours.

A diverse landscape, but one where Google is still top

Make no mistake, Google will still rule the roost in 2015. However, it’s extremely likely that 2015 will be the year where the search engine market contest heats up. StatCounter research released in December suggests that Google’s share of the search market hit its lowest level since 2009. Missing out on the competition means you miss out on exposure.

So remember:

  • Bing and Yahoo now share results and technology, increasing exposure with minimum effort.
  • Diversify your marketing across all search engines to attract new audiences across a range of devices.
  • Globally, Google is still on top; and that’s not expected to change any time soon.

Bing recently announced that it will be using Trustpilot to calculate its Merchant Ratings. Don't delay; start using Trustpilot today and boost your conversions with this increased visibility.

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