February High Flyers Award Winner is CheapOair!

We had so much fun celebrating with CheapOair last week that we temporarily forgot just how cold it still is! We would like to give a sincere thank you and congratulations to CheapOair. It's obvious by glancing at their glowing customer feedback that their team is more than deserving of this award, based on their consistent dedication to delivering excellent customer service..

We all know how frustrating booking travel can be and how many questions it can bring up—Am I getting the best price? What if I need to cancel my trip? What happens if I miss my connection?  The list goes on and on. However, it is clear from CheapOair’s 1200+ reviews that their customers trust them with all of their travel needs. In an industry as fraught as travel, we were blown away by their 9.0 Trustscore and consistent high praises.

Here is just a sampling of their many glowing reviews:

  • We live in a society that is more apt to call and complain when something is wrong with service provided. I wanted to take the time to write that you are doing is ‘right’.”
  • “From the onset of my call the customer service rep was very patient and courteous.I would highly recommend this site with family and friends.If I have a need to travel in the future this would be my one and only choice.”
  • “The rep,spent extra time with me,and went the extra mile so everything worked out perfect. I'm 100 % disable veteran,the rep took the time to even call the airlines for my special needs..Thanks again!!”
  • "I already recommended you to a friend. Great availability, choices, and perfect timing. Your prices were very impressive and customer service was helpful and excellent. Thank you,"

With reviews like these, how could we not honor CheapOair for these wonderful words? Since the celebration was local, four of us from Trustpilot gathered in their rec room with over 100 of their employees and we threw them the perfect mid-day celebration. With enough cake, cookies, necklaces and T-shirts for all, the reps were thrilled to take the break. Here is what one of their leaders had to say:

 “We appreciate Trustpilot for recognizing our efforts to help our customers. To serve our customers with the best experience and make their travel effortless, affordable and enjoyable has always been our motto. We will continue our effort to constantly improve on our customer service.” -Brijen Rajput, Sr Vice President, Online Marketing

CheapOair is on a roll this year and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next. Trustpilot is always happy to partner with such a forward-thinking company. Keep up the good work, CheapOair, and congratulations again on your success!

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