4 reasons why being a Google-approved product partner matters to you

4 reasons why being a Google-approved product partner matters to you

Exploration and evolution are important to us at Trustpilot - we keep developing our tools to see you develop your business.

However, exploration is not limited to businesses. Your customers, quite rightly, are explorers too. The online jungle is a big one and they need online trust and reassurance to navigate it.

70% of consumers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing , and this is where Trustpilot’s recent product ratings partnership with Google matters . With our review data being fed to product ratings on Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping, customers searching for products online will see exactly why they should buy their products from you.

So how does this Google-approved relationship work, and what’s in it for you? Keep reading to find out.

1. Your products can climb the organic search rankings

Climbing the search engine rankings is important to every business, but did you know that your online reviews can help you do this? You can with Trustpilot’s SEO TrustBox.

As Google indexes the information from these SEO TrustBoxes, the more fresh reviews you have, the more likely it is that your product will be seen on Google. And that means more traffic to your site, more interest, and more sales.

See UK contact lens shop Lenstore and their example (below). Here’s how Lenstore look when you Google them, thanks to their reviews.


And here’s how Lenstore’s reviews look in their SEO TrustBox. (Just click here for more information on SEO TrustBoxes).


2. Star ratings for your products

We’re fans of star ratings - in fact, we pioneer them. Now you can be the stars of Google with your star ratings. As more people discover your products and write reviews on them, you’ll see a small star rating appear underneath your product in the rich snippet.

3. Paid product ads reach a new audience

Product Listing Ads (Adwords) will benefit from the star rating and review count too, across google.com, Google Shopping, and their respective country sites.

This means your ads will stand out from your competitors and show why your store should be trusted. Research from 2013 showed that Product Listing Ads drove clickthrough rates 3.5 times that of text-only ads.

4. Seller Reviews + Product Reviews = Irresistible reputation

Product Reviews encourage people to buy your products. But it doesn’t stop there. With Trustpilot feeding Seller Review data to Google, you’re already being found through the search engine giant.

So with product and seller review data both being fed to Google, it doesn’t take much to find either who you are, or what you sell. Or, ideally, both. With all that information, customers are more likely to find you and more likely to increase basket size.

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