The Power of an Open Review Community

The Power of an Open Review Community

Consumers today navigate a vast world of online reviews, where the companies who listen win. By seeking honest and unfiltered opinion, they send a powerful message that all feedback is appreciated.

At Trustpilot, we embrace this freedom of speech and encourage all customers to share their shopping experiences by having an open review community. To us, this means that:

  • It’s a community where consumers can find reviews of any company in the world – not only reviews of a selection of companies with a subscription  

  • It’s a community where any company can get immediate feedback and enter into a dialogue with their customers – for free

  • It’s a community where reviews are published instantly. We believe in transparency and that customers don’t want their reviews delayed or moderated

  • It’s a community where companies cannot filter or deselect reviews as they see fit. It’s our experience that customers want to see both the good and the bad reviews, not a filtered selection

For companies that try and falsify their reputation or attempt to adversely affect competitors, we think the strength of the community will expose them. This is why Trustpilot is powered by openness and fuelled by a community connecting businesses and consumers on level terms. In other words, we’re creating transparency in a crowded market place and giving consumers a voice.

The customer is king in today’s shopping landscape. When searching for shopping options, they choose review platforms where they can find the most honest and representative impression of companies’ customer service – and of course those ranked highly on search engines. This is the reason we don’t restrict the use of our platform to a select group of companies, but make it publicly available to everyone – just like the biggest review platform in the world, TripAdvisor, does.

With an open approach comes responsibility, and we are often asked: 'How do you make sure that reviews are real?'

As we see it, the majority of reviews come from genuine consumers. We are of course also aware that there are a few bad apples. That’s why we not only have customised detection software that roots out potential fake reviews, but we also employ a large compliance team who investigate any reported misuse.

As part of our open platform, we deal with the relatively small percentage of suspicious reviews rather than gating our community.
You can read more about our work here.

In addition to the safeguarding measures we employ in-house, we regularly assist Trading Standards and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in their efforts to investigate and improve the online review industry. We fully support the CMA’s recent investigation and, as a market leader, we back the key recommendations of the report.

Consumers and businesses alike reward us for our open approach by actively engaging in our community, which is something we really appreciate. Every minute and every day we notice how their engagement is leading to honest and transparent dialogues about good customer service.

And this is exactly why we started Trustpilot: To improve shopping experiences for everyone.

With 13 million reviews of more than 100,000 businesses, and half a million new reviews being posted every month, we rest assured that an open approach is the way forward.

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