How the 'Review Force' is essential to your brand's success

How the 'Review Force' is essential to your brand's success

In an Adweek article from 10th June 2015, Elizabeth Mitchell wrote:

"...while brands reacting to online reviews with either grateful or apologetic comments is certainly a good start, it’s time for companies to think bigger.”

'But, I’ve already taken the time to respond to reviews, how much more can I possibly do?' you might ask.

Our response? Utilize your reviews.

Collecting reviews, let alone responding to them, is now a crucial aspect of any company’s ability to succeed in customer service and in the public eye.

But once you think you’ve become the Jedi Master of the conversational approach to online reviews (using the power of the Review Force, let’s call it), what then?

You might say, 'I’m already the Obi-Wan in this situation. I’m sending out emails to get feedback, I’m collecting feedback and I’m responding directly to my customers. Isn’t that enough?'

We commend you for your hard work, Padawan.

Your customers see that you’re devoting time to their concerns, compliments, questions & overall feedback, but what you need to do to get the most from the Review Force is take the time to “positively impact brand image, customer satisfaction, and even employee morale” (Mitchell) by actually implementing changes and letting your customers know that their feedback truly matters.

You’ll keep them as customers, they’ll thank you for what you’ve done and the improvements you’ve made will lure more customers to your site and captivate new customers to buy into your brand.

86 percent of respondents in a recent Goodsnitch poll said that companies should regularly do more to publicly recognize good employees.

Boost your company morale exponentially and let your customers know the time taken to provide you feedback, whether positive or negative, has been used to improve your services and their next interaction with your brand.

Let them know that they’ve shaped your organization, and the power of online reviews from platforms like Trustpilot has shaped the way you do business, and how their online experience has been shaped for the better.

May the Review Force be with you, always.

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