New Consumer Alert system - to safeguard trust, transparency, and consumer’s interests

Trustpilot is now home to close to almost 10 million customer reviews--approximately 10,000 reviews are published on the platform every day by consumers around the world. Trustpilot is about trust and transparency. To us, it is vital that people can trust that the reviews in our community accurately represent the legitimate views of consumers.

We are a consumer-focused business, and since launching our platform in 2007, we have now helped over 90,000 ecommerce businesses build stronger, more open relationships with their customers. At Trustpilot, we continue to enhance how we empower consumers, and celebrate companies’ efforts to use consumer feedback to improve customer service. 

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding fabricated reviews. This is why we continue to invest in a range of tools designed to detect fabricated reviews in our community. Trustpilot software works around the clock, using numerous components and algorithms. Moreover, our User Guidelines and Terms & Conditions outline our community rules, helping us support businesses on our site that use online reviews for the right and honest reasons.

We believe that the vast majority of companies and users in our community are good and honest people striving hard every day to deliver the exceptional. However, there a few bad apples threatening to ruin it for the many by fabricating reviews that cannot be trusted. This is why, to strengthen our efforts, we are now introducing a new Consumer Alert system.

Starting today, Consumer Alerts will be posted on business profiles where we have detected continued violations of our User and Company Guidelines and/or deliberate activities performed to mislead users. These activities include: existence of fabricated reviews, threats against negative reviewers, and solicitation of fake reviews.

We never consider taking actions against misbehavior lightly. We will follow a rigorous process. Company profiles subject to the new Consumer Alert system will have been monitored throughout a long period of time. Any and all actions will be supported by documentation of repeated fabricated reviews and other guideline violations. The Consumer Alerts will be removed after 180 days, unless new false reviews are posted on the company profile.

Below is an example of the Consumer Alert banner which will appear at the top of the company's Trustpilot profile:

As a platform for useful and reliable consumer information, we find it only natural to share our findings with our users about any detected misuse. We will always go the extra mile to secure trust and transparency in our community and protect consumer choice online. As always, we appreciate your feedback and support in our decisions to improve online trust.

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